According to a study done by ACA Research in 2020, 78% of SMEs reported a decline in revenue due to COVID-19. Many of these businesses struggled to keep up with the changes in their respective industries, and have closed down. In order for existing businesses to survive through the pandemic, especially after lockdowns, it has become increasingly important to stand out in order to attract customers, and what better way to get noticed than to create visually appealing content using digital video walls?

Many businesses and organisations have shifted towards using digital signage to relay their message to the public and reconnect with customers. Digital signage helps to increase sales, cut costs, improve employee efficiency, and raise brand awareness. Here are some tips on how to effectively boost brand awareness through digital signage, and stand out in a competitive market.

Promote a Product or Service

One of the core functions of digital signage is to promote a brand’s products and services. Displaying various products and services that are currently on promotion is a sure way to get customers’ attention. Video walls are a dynamic way to display content to customers and are more effective compared to static mediums as multiple eye-catching images or videos can be shown simultaneously. Short video promotions can keep the audience looped in with your latest offers. Using the bright screens of digital video walls, partnered with engaging content, customers are more likely to slow down and read what is displayed on the screen.

Interactive Displays 

Interactive displays vastly improve the in-store customer experience. Having an interactive video wall displaying different product and service offerings to customers when prompted is not only efficient for customers, but also for staff as it decreases perceived wait times. Engaging content will keep the audience intrigued and allow customers to easily explore different product choices, browse menus, and make purchase decisions. It also helps customers familiarise themselves with your brand’s offerings, as customers navigate through information as they see fit. Touchscreen displays increase brand awareness by giving customers a lasting impression of the business, which they will likely share with others.

Integrate Social Media

In this digital age, social media is at the forefront of building brand awareness, so it’s a smart move to incorporate social media into digital video walls to boost brand awareness. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent platforms to use for building social media presence. These social networking sites make businesses easily accessible to potential customers and serve as free promotional platforms. Linking these platforms to show fresh content on the video wall such as the follower count, new posts, or live tweets can establish brand recognition. Shoppers or restaurant-goers can also view these updates and share their experiences or photos online, tag the business’ account, and get free exposure in the customer’s online followers.

Branded Screens or Content 

Video walls are useful in not only showing business-related content, but also other information such as wayfinding directions, weather forecasts, traffic updates, news, and more. A subtle method of building brand awareness while showing content other than advertisements on video walls is simply putting the business logo on the digital display screen’s frame or in the content. By providing viewers with useful information, a branded screen or content can passively build brand awareness to viewers without seeming too “salesy”. What’s more, by strategically placing these branded screens in a restaurant, cafe, or store, any passersby will always be aware of who is providing them with information.

Virtual Tour 

Stream a video tour of the most interesting parts of the office, cafe, restaurant, or store on a video wall to let your audience know more about your business. It will give viewers a sense of familiarity with the business and boost brand awareness. These virtual tours can also be uploaded to your website to create more traffic online and boost customer engagement. Employees can also be introduced through the video tour and provide a sense of openness within the business.

Want More Information?

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, improve customer conversion, or simply make your store more sustainable, a digital advertising display in your retail store could be the answer. As a leading provider of quality signage and content management systems, Amped Digital are experts in delivering fit-for-purpose digital advertising solutions to a wide range of organisations. Contact us today to discuss what you would like to achieve and how we can help.