Are you considering upgrading your local council signage to digital, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment? Are you interested in government digital signage, but are looking for more information on how it’s best used? Amped Digital is here to help.

Local councils are increasingly embracing the power of digital signage to elevate and amplify their messaging. Here we look at the many benefits of government digital signage and how this technology can support council activities. We also share our advice on maximising your return on investment when designing and installing a local council digital signage system.

 The Advantage of Upgrading To Local Council Digital Signage 

There are many reasons you may choose to replace your traditional local council signage with a digital solution. This includes:

Cutting Costs

While there will be a cost associated with upgrading your local council signage to digital, this will be recovered over the long term. In fact, because digital signage systems are so much cheaper to manage and maintain, upgrading should actually save you money. This is largely because content can be updated without the need for reproducing or redistributing printed materials.

Improving Responsiveness

The dynamic nature of government digital signage allows you to update your displayed content quickly and easily. This means you can share real-time data and roll out new informational or educational campaigns across all your screens concurrently. Best of all, all your content can be managed centrally, and changes can be made with just a few clicks.

Increasing Engagement

Statistics show that, on average, digital signs get approximately four times more views than static signs. What’s more, digital signage content also has a higher rate of retention, with more viewers able to recall key messages. Depending on the system you choose, local council digital signage can also support interactivity, further increasing audience engagement.

Reducing The Environmental Impact

Static signage can be quite resource-intensive, particularly when the displayed content needs to be updated regularly. By contrast, once installed, digital signage requires minimal maintenance and has an extremely small environmental footprint. You can also get the small amount of electricity required from solar generation sources, further reducing the system’s environmental impact.

Increasing Longevity

Most static local council signage is designed for a specific purpose and has a relatively short lifespan. However, a good local council digital signage system can be designed to withstand even the harshest of Australian weather. As such, it should continue to look good and function as designed for years to come.

 Getting The Most From Your
Government Digital Signage 

We understand that cost can be a major barrier for local councils when considering whether to upgrade to digital signage. We also know that, while digital signage equipment is generally quite affordable, some organisations struggle to find space in their budget. As such, if you do choose to upgrade, you want to make sure you’re maximising the return on investment.

Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks to getting even more value from your new local council digital signage system:

Design Your System To Suit Your Needs

If your budget is tight, you don’t want to be wasting money on unnecessary equipment or functionality. The good news is government digital signage solutions can be tailored to suit a range of requirements and uses. And a good digital signage expert, like Amped Digital, will be able to help you choose exactly what you need.

Carefully Consider Placement

Much like with static signage, where digital signage is positioned can have a major impact on its effectiveness. Ideally, screens should be placed in high-traffic areas (office waiting areas, community congregation points, etc.) that match how the sign will be used (community updates, emergency messaging, etc.). This is particularly important if you’re planning on having only a couple of digital screens, at least initially.

Start Small, Then Build Out

Further to the previous point, you may want to run a small trial before committing to a widespread upgrade. By starting with a few strategically placed digital screens, you can prove the value the investment will provide. Just make sure you design your system with future expansion in mind, as this will make adding extra screens easier.

Look For Added Efficiencies

The best government digital signage technology does a lot more than simply display educational, informational, and promotional content. It can also allow users to search for information, collect and analyse feedback, and help streamline customer service – just to name a few uses. You can also automate the updating and uploading of new content and even tap into real-time data.

Want to discuss this further?

If you’re considering upgrading your local council signage to digital, give Amped Digital a call. We understand the unique requirements of government digital signage and can help you design a system that suits your needs. We also supply equipment from all the leading brands and can help you choose products that suit your budget.

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