A growing number of restaurateurs have started to integrate digital signage into their business for its benefits. Apart from a strong online presence by creating an engaging social media strategy, a positive in-store experience is also a must. With increasing competition and consumers that prefer restaurants that offer a wider range of food and beverage options, QSRs need to maintain an impeccable quality of service and customer satisfaction catered towards individual needs. 

Digital signage systems help restaurants across Australia achieve this by including up-to-the-minute customisable messages, with high visual appeal to engage customers before, during, and after their store visit. These systems allow QSR businesses to reduce perceived customer wait times, increase purchase sizes, and offer their customers an engaging solution during their food ordering process

Digital signage is no longer simply used for placing screens in high-traffic areas such as colleges, airports or malls; it is also used to engage patrons with interesting content, through digital menu boards, digital video walls and even interactive self-service kiosks.

Amped Digital is a leading digital signage provider in Australia and New Zealand that takes pride in its customer service and high quality solutions. Their team of experts carefully studies the pain points of their clients to better understand their needs and provide a solution that’s tailored to their business. Through this, Amped Digital is able to recommend suitable solutions that will benefit the business and will aid in increasing revenue and improved customer experience. 

Our solutions are agnostic. Clients are not boxed in one solution as there is room for growth and changes depending on what the situation calls for. This allows our clients to develop and adapt their signage solutions as their business grows. Amped Digital offers solutions that keep our clients updated with technology in a fast paced industry, with the ability to update content instantly,” said Amped Digital’s Director of Technology, Matt Steedman.

The rapid growth in technology has posed both challenges and opportunities for the QSR industry. To remain competitive, Amped Digital’s approach to providing a solution to their clients is to not lock them into a system. Amped Digital enables their clients flexibility in developing their digital signage solution as their business grows. Enabling customers the courage to invest into a digital signage solution for their business, particularly as print costs gradually increase. Furthermore, the friendly and approachable team at Amped Digital also offer software and system migrations as well as content design services to make the most of your digital signage solutions.

Retaining long-term partnerships and delivering quality customer service is also a core value of the company. Amped Digital’s ongoing partnership with Samsung, is a significant factor to our success in the Digital Signage space. 

Samsung’s QSR range is a highly recommended product by Amped which includes digital displays with bright screens for great visibility at any angle and in all lighting conditions, weatherproof outdoor displays for drive-through, and contactless self-service kiosks with antimicrobial and shatter-resistant screen coating to help customers and staff protected against COVID-19. Amped Digital provides a customised app for the new Samsung self-serve kiosk technology that allows restaurants to easily update their interactive menu content.

Amped Digital remains agile by branching out into new technologies as the market grows, whilst ensuring their clients get the support they need by retaining long-term partnerships and providing tech support, training and demonstrations even after installation.  

By taking a hands-on approach, we collaborate closely with our clients to devise fully customised digital signage solutions. Our experts specialise in providing complete digital services from start to finish, with the capability to handle procurement, installation, content design and ongoing technical support,” states Director of Growth and Business Strategy, Dylan Holtzhausen.

While Amped Digital’s leadership team is based in Perth, along with a recently opened branch in Sydney, its network of partners and contract technicians are spread strategically across Australia and New Zealand. This enables the company to work with any business, small or large, in any metro or regional area. 

We want to share our knowledge with our clients and allow them to benefit from years of experience. We hope that our solutions will benefit the QSR businesses and will aid in increasing revenue and improved customer experience for them. We are continuing to branch out into new technologies as the market grows and hope to share these developments with our clients,” Dylan added.

Sharing their knowledge with clients and allowing them to benefit from the company’s years of experience—this has been Amped Digital’s business compass in providing high-quality digital signage and interactive solutions for QSRs.