The New Year is the perfect time to overhaul contactless service solutions, and update your in-house technology. COVID-19 has restructured the way we do business, and digital transformation is an important part of the evolving response.

While brands spend big revenue on digital ads, it is increasingly important to also evaluate and capitalise on in-house digitised practices—most notably, the effectiveness of your digital signage solutions.

Digital signage is proving a prime component of modern customer engagement. Whatever your industry or sector, digital signage solutions are an accessible and effective addition to your business, offering manifold benefits.

Digital Signage is the go-to choice for future-focused firms

The Asia-Pacific digital signage market is booming. Because we live in an increasingly digitised world, From the screen of a phone to a screen in your business, consumers respond positively to well-managed digital signage solutions.

Let’s be honest. Signage that moves, is more likely to catch the eye. Signage that is dynamic, increases engagement. Signage that is interactive and personalised, able to simplify transactions and facilitate consumer loyalty, is the future.

Digital screens in retail, and retail transactions

Consumers around the globe increasingly favour minimising human contact in retail settings. While COVID-19 accelerated this transition, the shift toward contactless self-service experience was evident prior to the pandemic.

The European Sephora 2019 initiative with colour-coded baskets is one example: red signified a desire for retail assistance while black addressed the growing preference to avoid human interaction instore.

The added impetus of reducing infection risk during COVID has fast-tracked this retail preference. Proactive businesses are adjusting to consumer sentiment with dynamic digital signage solutions.

Amplifying, and personalising

Data-triggered digital signage has a strong impact on the consumer. For example, retail and hospitality can alter signage to update and showcase new or popular products at peak sales windows, and reflect inventory changes.

This type of signage can also showcase merchandise in a personalised response to customer data, transforming out-of-home advertising. The ability to offer a wide array of advertorial material will revolutionise your company’s content strategy.

Incorporating interactive digital signage, including interactive self-serve, can further drive sales, and complement branding. Be aware that by 2028, the global interactive kiosk market is predicted to reach US $45.2billion. Is your business on board yet?

Entertaining and informing your customers

Focusing on the wants and needs of the end-user is key when embracing technology. Clever use of retail display screens offers an edge over less forward-thinking competitors, quickly increasing your ROI.

Triggered digital signage can respond to different identifiers, including local weather conditions. You can also enable demographic-specific customised signage. Perhaps update customers about charitable initiatives.

Retailtainment describes the rise of experiential retail, and digital signage is fast becoming an integral aspect. From streaming social media content to immersive in-store options, today’s retail is about connection as much as convenience.

Digital signage display, and workplace productivity

Most of us are accustomed to interacting with digital stimuli. Data triggered digital signage can prove an invaluable team-building tool, providing helpful and inspiring workplace visualisation.

Digital signage solutions are created to be accessible, and often prove invaluable. When used wisely in conjunction with inclusive practices, they help facilitate employee workplace engagement.

Retail relies on the efficiency and skill of the team behind the business. Your in-house data triggered digital signage visual summations can address such topics as:

  • Project progress updates
  • Internal communications
  • Safety protocols
  • Event reminders
  • Quota progress
  • Section-specific content
  • Social technologies
  • Company vision
  • Industry news
  • Philanthropic reports

The tech of it all

We have the expertise to provide a complete digital service. Our goal is to make sure businesses in West Australia, Australia, and New Zealand are able to easily utilise their digital signage system, for maximum performance.

The Amped Digital team are always happy to run through the basics of content management systems (CMS), and possible innovative solutions. Future-proof your business with our industry leading experts today, and contact us to discuss your vision.