Over the last few years, local councils across the country have started embracing the power of digital signage. From supporting customer service to assisting with wayfinding, they’ve found a range of ways to make the most of this technology. However, there’s one important use that has been largely overlooked – promoting upcoming community events.

Here we will take a closer look at how digital local council events signage works. As part of this, we will explore a few examples of local council digital signage being used for events promotion. We will also consider the all important question – is digital local council events signage effective?

Using Local Council Digital Signage To Advertise Community Events

As anyone that’s involved in planning and conducting community events knows, promoting them is one of the hardest parts. While there are a few existing channels for this, like community noticeboards, these tend not to be overly effective. This is particularly true for recurring events, which often get lost as new, one-off events are added – and generally not removed.

What’s more, the constant stream of new events means there’s always new promotional material to be produced. And the manual nature of “publishing” to these traditional channels means this material is often not posted until it’s almost too late. And it’s rarely removed once the event has passed, which severely impacts the overall currency and relevancy of these channels.

But when you use local council digital signage to promote community events, you overcome most of these issues. 

Whether you leverage existing digital signs, or install new ones specifically for events, you create new promotional channels. Ideally, these will be placed in high-traffic areas and at established community congregation points. This, combined with an eye-catching template for events notices, will help maximise the effectiveness and reach of these messages.

Digital local council events signage also makes it much easier to manage what content is displayed. New event notices can be published in minutes and content can be set to expire once the event has happened. Or you can fully automate content updates by connecting your digital signage system to your online community events calendar.

Is Digital Signage for Local Council Events Effective?

In many ways, local council digital signage is the ideal way to share information about community events. The dynamic nature of digital displays is perfect for eye catching promotional materials and real time publishing of notices. And the compelling nature of community events helps increase engagement with these signs, which benefits the other messages being displayed.

There are many great examples of how well local council events signage works, with most early adopters seeing clear benefits.

Here are just a couple of case studies:

 Randwick City Council 

A review into the way community events were advertised found that staff were spending hours each week printing posters. This was particularly true for the team at the Bowen Library, who struggled to manage an extremely cluttered public noticeboard. To address this, three digital screens were installed – at the council chambers, the Bowen Library, and a local aquatic centre. 

After a short training session on content creation and publishing, the team began managing their events promotion digitally. This significantly reduced the amount of time taken up by these activities, while improving the currency of their (now digital) noticeboard. As a result, the council has since chosen to install additional digital local council events signage in key community locations.

Randwick City Council

 Sunshine City Council 

As part of their smart city digital signage project, this local council installed large touchscreens throughout the revitalised Maroochydore City Centre. While primarily designed to support wayfinding, it was decided that these screens would also be used to advertise community events.

The scale and positioning of these signs has made them key to the structure and function of the new city centre. And the interactivity created by the touchscreen technology has increased both resident and tourist engagement with the displays. This has helped position events promotion messaging right in the heart of the community.

Sunshine Coast City Council

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