In recent years, digital signage has become increasingly popular across the hospitality and retail industries. Many businesses are ditching their costly print signage for dynamic digital advertising displays, which offer a range of advantages when it comes to promoting your brand and communicating with customers.

Advertising digital display screens are designed to capture the attention of customers and deliver customised messages that improve their experience. allowing businesses to add value to their physical location by incorporating digital interactions. Inform, educate and entertain to create the best possible relationship with your customers.

From small touch screens to large format video walls, digital menu boards and promotional displays, there are so many ways to incorporate digital signage into your business.

With eye-catching content, increased efficiency and reduced long-term costs, here are just a few of the reasons we recommend switching to digital:

1. Digital Signage is easy to update

While updating your existing print signage can become a drawn out, time consuming process, deploying new content with a digital advertising display is a breeze.

Simply log in to your CMS software via a web browser and make changes with the click of a button. You can even make updates remotely and implement changes across multiple endpoints at the same time. This makes digital signage the perfect solution if you’re managing multiple sites or large franchises.

You might want to schedule your content to change on a certain date or at a particular time of day. For example, you could automate your lunch offers to change at dinner time, or update prices and add new menu items on the go. It’s all possible with digital signage – the power is in your hands.

2. Make the most of your space with multiple messages

While print signage is limited to a single static message, advertising digital displays allow you to make the most of your visual real estate. Create a loop of changing content that is seen by each customer.

Display your full menu and your special offers on the same screen. Promote your membership card and this month’s sale. You can even go a step further and utilise interactivity to trigger content suited to the demographic of each customer.

Digital signage is designed to increase retention rates. By rotating different messages on the same display, you can cut down on visual clutter within the store. This way, customers won’t be overwhelmed by conflicting focal points and are more likely to remember your message.

3. Capture attention and minimise perceived wait times

Digital displays allow you to incorporate a much wider variety of content formats. Utilise animation, video and HTML to create eye-catching, personalised content that will command attention, with up to 400% more views than static advertising.

Digital signage has also been proven to reduce perceived wait times when customers are at the check-out or queuing for a table at your restaurant.

By displaying dynamic content that enhances your brand and entertains customers while they wait, you can drastically improve their overall experience. Take advantage of your captive audience to communicate about your brand, sales and special offers and keep customers coming back.

4. Utilise Interactivity

One of the major advantages of digital advertising displays is the ability to create interactive experiences for your customers.

This is a great way for brick-and-mortar stores to keep pace with online shopping, allowing customers to engage without requiring employee interaction. Encourage self-service and provide customers with all the information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Create interactive touch screens, utilise triggers and motion tracking, integrate social media or even develop a mobile app that interacts with your in-store signage.

Technology is constantly evolving and creating an interactive experience in your store is easier and more affordable than ever before.

5. Reduce long-term costs

Digital signage is a long-term investment. While upfront costs may seem high, you’ll eliminate the need for repeat printing costs and cut spending on marketing materials like brochures, static menu boards, traditional billboards, flyers and posters.

With no more print marketing, you’ll also save time on administration and logistics. Instead, you can focus on creating quality digital content that can be used on your digital displays as well as across social media and the web.

If you’re interested in utilising advertising digital displays to enhance your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are so many great benefits, and we’re always around to help. We have heaps of knowledge to share and can advise you on the best solution for your business.

Contact us today to bring your vision to life.