In April until May 2021, local artists Asha Kiani and Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson curated the Second Generation Collective’s first major exhibit. Áváreh آواره & Found is a visual poem that tells the journey of first-generation migrants who fled Iran during the Revolution in the late ’70s. Using multi-modal art forms, the artistic expression attests to the lives and experiences of the first and second-generation Iranian-Australians. Áváreh ( ‘آواره’; means “homeless” in Farsi) and Found, tackles the idea of the “home” and all its nuances. The art exhibit was an immersive experience that used audio-visual installations and a BrightSign media player to display video art, live performance, audio works, paintings, sculpture, and the archival.

Find out more about the exhibit on The Second Generation website.