Few sectors better understand the importance of quality advertising than retail. Businesses live and die by their ability to get customers into their stores. And to get them to come back again… and again. But, these days, advertising is about so much more than just being seen by your potential customers – it’s about creating connections and standing out from the crowd.

The evolution of what “good” advertising looks like has changed the game. Basic graphics and static signage simply don’t cut it anymore. Customers now expect vivid colours, relevant individualised content, and dynamic spaces. Digital advertising displays can deliver all of this for your business.

#1: Advertising on a digital display is real time

The biggest benefit of digital display screens is that advertising can be updated quickly and easily.

When you make the switch to digital, you can update your advertising any time and apply the changes immediately. This means that, if you run out of stock or want to update your prices, it’ll only take a couple of clicks to adjust your advertising accordingly.

Depending on the signage software you use, you may even be able to integrate with relevant data sources – like weather reports – and tailor your advertising in line with the latest conditions.


#2: Digital advertising displays increase the sustainability of your store

In addition to being less responsive, using print materials and signage creates a lot of waste. Every time you change your offering, update your prices, or role out a new campaign, you need to produce a new suite of materials. Regular reprinting not only increases your consumption of important raw materials, it comes at a significant cost.

Brezel Brothers are a great example of the difference digital advertising displays can make. They approached us looking for a better way to promote their product offering and bring in more customers. In addition to helping them capitalise on the heavy foot traffic their Raine Square location affords, our tailored signage solution allowed their advertising to accommodate all future menu changes.

#3: Advertising on digital display screens streamlines your campaign management

As any retailer with more than one store will tell you, coordinating a print-based campaign across multiple locations takes a lot of work. However, when you use digital advertising displays, all of this can be managed centrally.

Coordinating the rollout of a new campaign is as simple as finalising the content and scheduling it to go live on all of the required screens. Alternatively, you can coordinate the deployment of location specific content, without creating extra work for the local team.

As one of the largest takeaway food chains in the world, Subway is the perfect example of the power of centralised campaign management. With hundreds of stores in Australia alone, being able to roll out promotions and price changes quickly and easily is critical. Through their 1,500+ screens, they consistently push out everything from small localised promotions to large national campaigns.

#4: Digital display advertising brings your message to life

With a digital advertising display, your marketing material is only limited by your imagination. Whether you use video to showcase your product and its best features, or an animation to tell your brand story, moving imagery creates a stronger emotional response and is easier for your customers to recall. It also provides more opportunities to set your store apart and really sell your point of difference.

Having recently upgraded from old static signage to modern digital displays, Perth Airport is experiencing first-hand the difference dynamic imagery can make. In addition to increasing sales and improving brand awareness, their new signage has created a brighter, more vibrant space.


#5: Advertising on digital display screens increases customer attraction, conversion, and retention

Most importantly, digital advertising displays have been shown to draw in more customers, increase the likelihood of purchase, and promote return business.

Being able to quickly and easily update your advertising allows you to respond to customer feedback and create a visually dynamic space. It can also help you provide a unique and tailored point of purchase experience, better enabling upselling and increasing engagement with your loyalty program.

Want more information?

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, improve customer conversion, or simply make your store more sustainable, a digital advertising display could be the answer. As a leading provider of quality signage and content management systems, Amped Digital are experts in delivering fit-for-purpose digital advertising solutions to a wide range of organisation. Contact us today to discuss what you would like to achieve and how we can help.