Whether you’re a business, not for profit, or community organisation, you want your marketing to reach as many people as possible. This is where outdoor digital signage can really help, getting your material in front of a broad audience. What’s more, an outdoor display screen can be used for general messaging, more detailed information, or even to support self-service.

Outdoor digital displays have long been popular in busy places, like shopping malls and on city streets. However, with touchscreen technology becoming more commonplace, the interactivity they can now provide supports an even wider range of uses.

But what’s the best way to use an outdoor digital display? And how can it help you amplify your business or organisation’s marketing message?

Multiple messages, one outdoor display screen

One of the most common and recognisable uses of outdoor digital signage has to be the information kiosks you see at most shopping centres. These are a great demonstration of what this technology can do. They are highly visible and usually support both digital marketing messages and more detailed enquires (via a touch screen).

This is also a great example of how an outdoor digital display can support multiple businesses or purposes. From a shopping centre marketing channel, to a community noticeboard, or information directory, this technology can be used in a multitude of ways.

The flexibility of outdoor digital signage also makes it perfect for use by individual stores. For example, a digital kiosk can help customers check the availability and exact location of the products they’re after. And, when it’s not being used by a customer, it provides another channel for your digital marking messages.

Capitalise on high-traffic areas

One of the greatest strengths of outdoor digital signage is it’s ability to connect with large numbers of people. They can be made to be almost any size and can successfully grab and hold people’s attention for an extended period. They can also be used for a wide array of digital marketing materials, thanks to their vivid and dynamic displays.

With this in mind, locating an outdoor display screen in a high-traffic area can deliver great returns. Not only will this take your marketing message to your audience, it allows them to engage with your content without going out of their way. It also means that anyone that responds to your messaging will come to your store primed and ready to buy.

Outdoor display screens can also be used to help define your space. For example, if you are a hospitality business, you could use a double-sided screen to shape your alfresco area. Not only would this provide your patrons with some privacy, the outward facing screen could be used to promote your specials. You could also use the inward facing screen as a digital menu or even an electronic ordering system.

Keep the public informed

It’s not just businesses that can benefit from outdoor digital signage. There are a wide range of government and community organisations that could also get value from its flexibility and visibility.

For example, public transport hubs are increasingly using outdoor digital displays to provide travellers with updates and information. These are particularly effective because they are highly visible and can be updated in real time. They can also provide more detailed information, like directions or departure schedules, if required.

We’re also seeing an increase in local government interest in outdoor digital signage. Many are looking to supplement their visitor information centres with an information directory that operates all day, every day.

Some are also using outdoor display screens to help with customer service at local council offices. Digital kiosks can help with everything from answering common questions about key services (like planning requests and waste management) to processing simple requests. This not only improves resident engagement; it can also help reduce the workload of administrative staff.

We’re here to help

If you’re considering adding some outdoor digital signage to your marketing mix, give Amped Digital a call. We’re a leading provider of high-quality digital signage and can help you design the perfect solution for your organisation. We’re also experts in developing user-friendly content management systems and can even help you come up with your digital marketing material.

We understand that there are a lot of choices to be made when designing your outdoor digital display. We take a hands-on approach and will guide you through the process. We will also work with you throughout, to make sure the final product truly suits your goals.