Digital Menu Boards can influence customer decision when purchasing a product and positively affect sales and operational efficiency.

Key Features of Digital Menu Boards

  • Central and local updating of menu boards
  • Easily and quickly update content – reactive & proactive (i.e. price changes or adding a new menu item)
  • Push content to all locations or in a single branch
  • Reduce menu printing costs
  • Automatically schedule content to appear at certain times of day
  • Provides a visually stimulating and engaging way to display content
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase positive brand perception
  • Average Time to Recoup Investment in Digital Menus

    Typically it will take a business that invests in Digital Menu Boards between 9 to 18 months to recoup their investment. See the chart below to see the average break-even point based on the total amount invested in digital menus.

    Digital Signage Menu Board Investment.png

    Digital Menu Board Return On Investment (ROI)

    The benefits of Digital Menu Boards are broad; there’s the measurable ROI figures like increased sales and margin per transaction, as well as soft ROI benefits such as reduced perceived waiting times and an increase in customer satisfaction.

    Hard ROI Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

  • Average sales increase of 3%-5%
  • Average increase of margin per transaction of 2.5%-3%
  • 29.5% of customers find digital menus influential for purchase of a product
  • 1 in 5 people make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on digital screens
  • Example sales uplift figures based on 3%-5%:

    Digital Signage Menu Board Return.png

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