Government Digital Signage

Modernise government facilities with the latest technology. Implement digital signage to streamline operations, amplify communications, reduce paperwork and more.

At Amped Digital, we can work with any government agency to identify areas for digital improvements. Our experts know how to harness the capabilities of digital signage and provide a solution that’s customised to specific requirements.

There are so many innovative ways to use digital signage. Find out what it could do for your organisation today.


 Ways to Integrate Digital Signage 

Digital signage is still a relatively new technology. Simply put, it offers a platform to distribute visual content. Here are some of the ways that digital signage could be used in a government organisation.

Corporate Displays »

Deliver important communications via digital TVs. Share internal updates and news with staff. Provide the public with relevant information and estimated wait times. Program evacuation plans to display during emergency situations and more.

Kiosks »

Reduce the number of public facing staff and make it easier for people to engage with your organisation. Use kiosks for wayfinding and self-service. Provide answers to FAQS and help people identify the appropriate department for their needs.

Video Walls »

Install a video wall in a location with high foot traffic. Use it to share multiple live feeds, showcase a series of projects or provide news and entertainment. Video walls can also be used in conference rooms and for security monitoring purposes.

Interactive »

Digitise processes with touch screen technology. Complete forms via digital displays, sign people in and out of buildings, book meeting rooms and more. By going digital, a government institution can reduce paper consumption and manual record keeping.

How Government Organisations Can Benefit

Government agencies must embrace new technologies to keep up with the modern world. Digital solutions can be used to improve policies and procedures, ensuring an organisation can run as smoothly as possible. Discover the benefits of government digital signage.

High Impact Communication

Digital signage provides an effective channel for distributing communications throughout a government building. Both internal staff and members of the public are more likely to retain information that is delivered via dynamic, digital content.

Improved OH&S

Keep people calm and safe during an emergency situation by using an OH&S plan with a digital component. Schedule relevant safety instructions to display on a digital signage network when a fire or security alarm is triggered in a government building.

Optimise Efficiencies

By opting for digital alternatives, a government organisation can maximise operational efficiency. Digital signage can make it quicker and easier for staff to fulfil their responsibilities, while providing a more convenient customer experience.

Reduce Ongoing Costs

Replace printed materials with government digital signage. Cut the costs associated with reprinting posters, brochures and forms. By going digital, staff can manage and update the content across all displays as often as needed with no ongoing cost.

Digital Signage With Amped Digital

We specialise in providing complete digital signage solutions to a wide range of government clients. Our experienced project managers can take care of everything from start to finish.

By accessing our partner network, we can procure the highest quality digital displays at the most competitive prices. Our team can also handle all aspects of installation, with contract technicians across Australia and New Zealand. We even have in-house designers who can strategically create powerful content for digital TVs.

At Amped Digital, we’re committed to building long term relationships with all of our clients. We can provide staff training, maintenance services and ongoing technical support as required.

Find a Digital Solution

If you’re an IT manager, HR manager or another key member of staff looking into government digital signage, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to support your organisation throughout every step of its digital journey. Whether you know exactly what needs to be implemented or simply want to discuss the options, we’re here for you. Get in touch with us today.


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