Digital Signage

We supply a range of digital signage equipment from trusted worldwide brands, keep up to date with new products and source only the best for our clients’ needs. If you’re looking for a specific solution we can source, install, manage and support it. From budget planning to design we work with you to get the right fit.

 Outdoor Signage 

Outdoor digital signage allows you to take advantage of your outdoor space, targeting passing traffic or connecting with existing customers. We offer a range of durable outdoor solutions that able to withstand the elements and remain legible in direct sunlight.


 Menu Boards 

We provide all the components needed to deliver the optimum menu board solution, creating an engaging digital experience for your customers that’s proven to boost sales. Our electronic systems are designed to suit both single sites and national franchises looking for a reliable way to deploy new menu updates.



Intelligent digital signage solutions are what we’re known for, harnessing real-time data insights to identify demographics and display relevant, interactive and personalised information. Interactive solutions help to enhance the shopping experience and encourage purchases, using facial recognition for personalised ads and promotions. From interactive product selectors to smart directory boards there is a solution to fit every application.


 Corporate & Safety 

When employees receive important information faster and more efficiently, it becomes easier for them to do their job.

Just as email has replaced the hand-printed memo, corporate digital signage is replacing office whiteboards to open up communication pathways in the workplace.



Kiosks offer great interactive possibilities, providing your audience with an extra service while reducing costs. The team at Amped Digital can custom design a kiosk to suit any brand and environment.


Video Walls 

Featuring 24/7 operation, high-resolution visuals, low maintenance requirements and a low operational cost, slim bezel electronic video wall technologies are becoming a popular choice for large displays in a variety of settings. We specialise in designing the right video wall solution to suit unique areas, creating impact and engagement while meeting time frames and budgets.


 Promotional Screens 

Amped Digital specialise in building brand value and recognition through digital experiences. Electronic digital signage is becoming a standard solution in retail, corporate and educational environments, and provides unlimited opportunities to capitalise on additional revenue streams.


Want to Know More?

 If you’re looking for a digital signage solution, have a chat with our team. We have so much knowledge to share and can advise you on the best solution for your business. Contact us today to bring your vision to life.


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