Corporate Digital Signage

Simplify your office with digital signage. Distribute corporate communications via digital displays. Go paperless with digital alternatives. Streamline processes and maximise workplace efficiencies.

Let Amped Digital take care of all your corporate digital signage needs. We specialise in devising customised solutions for corporate offices across Australia and New Zealand. Backed by technical knowledge and years of experience, we know how to help businesses get the results they need.

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 Enhance Communications With Digital Signage 

Communication is everything in the corporate world. It’s the key to the success of day to day operations and the completion of major projects. Discover how digital signage can be used for corporate communications.

Corporate & Safety Displays »

Effectively deliver news, information and reminders in an engaging way. Display performance dashboards, reports and progress updates for all to see. Program safety protocols to screen when a security or fire alarm is triggered within the building.

Kiosks »

Install wayfinding kiosks at entry points. Enable visitors to quickly and easily check in and find where they need to go. Use touch screen displays to book conference rooms, assign office resources, control access to areas of the building and more.

Video Walls »

Express the company brand. Promote corporate values. Foster workplace culture. Position video walls in reception, hallways and large communal areas to distribute visual content. Showcase projects, team members, corporate social responsibility and more.

Outdoor Displays »

Engage with staff in outdoor courtyards and balconies. Use outdoor displays to screen content that entertains and informs. Install displays out the front of the building for brand exposure. Promote specific messages and offerings to passing traffic.

Benefits of Workplace Digital Signage

There is a lot to be gained from implementing corporate digital signage. From financial to cultural benefits, discover how digital technologies could support your company.

Return on Investment

Limit the need to print posters, brochures and forms with digital signage. Lower ongoing costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Take the opportunity to monetise company screens by allowing other businesses to display promotional messages.

Control Corporate Communications

Empower marketing and HR teams to deliver powerful messages. Enable staff to effectively manage all communications from one localised point. Action content updates and alterations in an instant. Schedule and automate content as required.

Boost Productivity

Enable staff to operate with greater efficiency and provide teams with the tools to improve performance. Replace time-consuming, manual processes with digital solutions. Incorporate digital alternatives into existing policies and procedures.

Increase Staff Engagement

Use dynamic, visual content to engage staff members and improve information recall. Build a stronger sense of community by cultivating workplace culture and reinforcing company values. Raise morale and job satisfaction levels among employees.

Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Our experts love finding ways to leverage the power of digital signage in corporate settings. By working closely with key personnel, we can transform your workplace into a hub of innovation and efficiency.

With a vast network of partners and contract technicians, we can manage every aspect of a digital signage solution. Our professional project managers can oversee procurement, installation and content design, as well as ongoing maintenance and technical support plans.

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