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Keep up with the latest healthcare trends. Implement digital signage at your medical facility. Use innovative technology to improve patient experiences and support your staff.


 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Healthcare 

Digital signage is fast becoming a standard solution in the medical world. At a bare minimum, every medical centre should screen entertainment in waiting areas and provide touch screen displays for self-check-ins. This is what patients have come to expect. But at Amped Digital, we like to exceed expectations. Let’s dig deeper into the capabilities of medical digital signage.

Promotional Displays »

Enhance communications with patients. Display live wait times. Promote your products and services. Share interesting information about your practitioners. Provide important alerts for recent overseas travel, concerning symptoms, vaccinations and more.

Corporate Displays »

Engage your staff members. Distribute internal communications, news and reminders. Provide staff training videos. Enable video conferences with external practitioners. Digitise staff scheduling and HR procedures and reduce the need for paperwork.

Safety Displays »

Deliver high impact messaging during an emergency situation. Keep people calm and moving in an orderly fashion. Circulate safety protocols and evacuation plans across a hospital digital signage network when a fire or security alarm is triggered.

Touch Screens »

Install wayfinding kiosks at hospital entry points to help patients, loved ones and locum physicians find their way. Use medical touch screens to control aircon, lights and locks from one, localised point. Provide patients with interactive demonstration videos.

Benefits of Medical Digital Signage

To be competitive within the medical industry, every healthcare provider needs to implement some form of digital signage. Modernise your facilities and discover the benefits of incorporating digital solutions into your service offering.

Improve Patient Experiences

Patients will often feel anxious before attending any medical appointment. Put them at ease by making their experience as seamless as possible. Use visual content to entertain and inform. Help patients understand procedures, treatments and more.

Streamline Operations

Maximise workplace efficiency. Replace time-consuming manual procedures with simple digital alternatives. Go paperless. Shift all medical records and forms into the digital world. Reduce clutter by swapping posters and pamphlets for digital displays.

Cost-Effective Solution

Make the switch to digital and cut back on expensive printing costs. Further optimise ROI by monetising your screens. Turn your digital signage into advertising space and give businesses the opportunity to promote their products and services at your facility.

Easy to Manage Content

Take control of your content with medical digital signage. Quickly and easily make changes as needed. Deliver the right message at the right time by automating and scheduling content. Manage all of your displays from one location.

Amped Digital Solutions

From dental digital signage at a small, private clinic to large display networks across major hospitals, we do it all. By accessing our partner network, we can source the highest quality displays at the best possible prices, allowing us to scale a digital signage solution to the needs of any medical facility.

We’re all about building long term relationships with all of our clients. Once we’ve taken care of procurement, installation and content design, we can provide staff training as well as ongoing maintenance and support plans.

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