Fusion Signage

Fusion Signage is a humble, friendly and adaptable digital signage software brand offering simple, affordable and intuitive solutions to businesses across Australia.


Fusion Signage

 Software Made Easy 

Cloud-Based That Works Offline

Our cloud-based software allows you to access and manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime.

Scheduling, Grouping and Dayparting

Our Scheduling, Grouping and Dayparting features allow you to plan your content ahead of time. For precisely when you want.

User Management

Add as many users to your account – you read right, unlimited users! You can then choose management permissions to restrict or allow access per user.

Media Library

For a comfortable spot to manage all your content, step into your Media library. Here you can add, view and organise your images, videos, websites, templates, RSS feeds and live streams.

Supportive Application

Easy installation: set up in minutes. With automatic application updates: so you’ll always be using the latest version of Fusion Signage

Australian Owned and Made

Fusion Signage is proudly 100% certified Aussie-owned and made, based in Brisbane.

Easy to Use Software

Quicker. Easier. Bring your digital signage to life in minutes at a fraction of the cost. All with Fusion Signage –  one of Australia’s friendliest CMS (content management software). You’ll find the navigation menu inside your Fusion Signage portal has been intuitively designed to be used the same way you’d enjoy an ice cream. From top to bottom.


When you first login you’re shown your Dashboard for a quick overview of your digital signage network. Here you can view your total account storage and bandwidth (both accumulative with your licence count), how many licences you have and how many are currently online. You can also view your latest file uploads and some special news from your friendly Fusion Signage team.


Welcome to your digital signage sidekicks: The Designer and Marketplace. They exist to make head-turning content accessible to everyone. Designing your digital sign’s content will be a breeze with the Designer’s drag-and-drop interface. Not to mention Marketplace’s done-for-you, professional templates.


The Manage section is your go-to place to add, view and organise all your Media, Playlists and Schedules. Media are the images, videos, websites, designs or templates that you want to display on your screen. Playlists contain your media or even other playlists.  Schedules allow you to choose the time of day or day of the week to automate changing between different Playlists.


Next, let’s navigate to Deploy. Here you can set which playlists are published on your devices, view important information such as their online and offline status’, and set offline email notifications. From this tab, Advanced and Pro accounts also have the ability to group multiple screens together and update the content to all of them at once – a huge time saver!

Recommended Environments

Go Digital With Amped Digital

Want to integrate Fusion Signage into your place of business? Contact Amped Digital today, and we can get the ball rolling for you. If you would like to learn more about the technology and how it could be applied to your business, have a chat with our experts. We love sharing our knowledge and tapping into the vast potential of digital signage.

Visit the Fusion Signage website to view their full range, or contact us today for a solution tailored to you.


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