ONELAN digital signage is the complete solution offering high performance solid-state Intel-powered Net-Top-Box (NTB) devices, feature-rich software, and networking options for turnkey content management and delivery. Thousands of NTB 4K and HD digital media players are installed globally.

To get your hands-on ONELAN digital signage in Australia and New Zealand, you need Amped Digital on your side. Our experienced team has established a trusted partnership with ONELAN to supply digital displays at highly competitive prices. We work with a wide range of businesses and provide complete digital signage solutions, providing installation, content design and technical support services.


 Powerful Media Players 

Multiple Zones

With endless possibilities for zoning, positioning and layering, you are free to create professional looking designs. Mix video, RSS and social feeds, HTML5, live TV and IPTV streams to achieve fresh, eye catching content.

4K Certified

All ONELAN players have an advanced video engine with superior scaling technology that delivers at least full HD video playback, with many of the players also delivering 4K content.

Data Integration

The subscriber player provides a variety of methods to get important data on screen automatically. Whether it’s the display of web pages and HTML or system integration ONELAN can get your data to make a difference.

Local Content Updates

Local users can make instant announcements, play content on demand, update menu boards or room booking schedules, add new content and more, using simplified ad hoc portals set up by the content administrator.

Entertain with Live Video and TV

Use MPEg UDP IP Streaming options to get live HD video and TV on screen. Live content is a key feature for many hospitality and corporate foyer applications.

Ideal for Feature Video Walls

A single 4K NTB can deliver a range of video wall solutions. Standard layout and feature video walls can be created, making it much more cost effective.

Easy to Use Software

Balancing ease of use with access to expert developer features, the ONELAN CMS is suitable for both novice and professional users, and scales seamlessly from single to thousand player networks. ONELAN specialise in digital signage solutions for secure corporate and government environments. It offers clients the option to host the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) software on a physical appliance server or a Virtual Machine allowing for optimal reliability, security and zero downtime.


Design full screen or multizone multimedia layouts using the simple to use drag-and-drop layout editor. Keep signage fresh and relevant by using live content such as RSS and social feeds, television and custom apps for weather, key performance indicators and more.


ONELAN makes targeted communication possible. Deliver the right message to the right place at the right time. Build sophisticated playlists quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop playlist editor and advanced content control features.


ONELAN offers multi-user management of multiple content channels. Content distribution supports USB, wired, WiFi, 3G or satellite connections to players for reliable delivery and security of content. Both manual and automatic publishing are supported.


Users can manage local messages and media such as welcome messages, menus and locally relevant images and videos. They can be customized on a user or role basis and administrators have control over which content can be managed by other users.

Recommended Environments

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