Outdoor Digital Signage

Take advantage of your outdoor space. Target passing traffic with outdoor digital signage outside your place of business. Connect with existing customers using outdoor digital signage throughout your venue.

From the façade of your building to your alfresco seating area, every inch of your outdoor space provides an opportunity to promote your brand and engage with your audience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small enterprise or a major corporation, there are so many ways that outdoor digital signage can support your business. Get in touch with the experts at Amped Digital to see how you could integrate digital signage into your outdoors.


 Displays Built for the Outdoors 

We can source the most suitable displays for outdoor use through our trusted partner network. Whether it’s a small screen for a restaurant drive-through or a large display for an open, outdoor area, we can source the best LED signage for the job at the best possible price.

Durable Displays

Outdoor digital signage needs to be able to withstand the elements and remain legible in direct sunlight. Offering optimal durability and adjustable brightness levels, LED signage tends to be the better option to use in the outdoors.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

We can supply displays in square and rectangular shapes, both portrait and landscape. Once we have identified where the screen will go and how to achieve maximum impact, we can source an appropriate sized screen for your purpose.

Advertising Potential

Why pay to promote your business on billboards and other signage when you could have your own digital solution right outside your business? Using vibrant visuals, you can capture attention and advertise as much as you like, whenever you like.

Immersive Experiences

When using digital signage in outdoor sections of your venue, there is an opportunity for interactivity. Think about Federation Square in Melbourne. The screen is the heart of the arts and cultural precinct and drives all sorts of engagement activities.

 Why Choose Outdoor Digital Signage 

Outdoor digital signage is still growing in Australia and New Zealand. Many businesses are still learning about the capabilities of the technology and how to take advantage of it.

By combining videos, imagery and animations, you can use your outdoor display signs to showcase any type of visual content you like. You can quickly and easily update your content at the tap of the button, avoiding the need to go through the expensive process of printing new signage each time.

Here’s just some of the reasons why outdoor displays could be a good choice for your business.

• High impact advertising
• Stand out from your competitors
• Easy to manage & update
• Greater opportunities for ROI
• Use your own real estate
• Adaptable to your business needs

Clients Who Use this Solution


 Recommended Environments 

Restaurants Digital SignageRestaurants

Innovative systems for drive-thru services, digital menu boards, and self-ordering kiosks provide fast service and enhance the customer experience.

Gym + Fitness Digital SignageFitness

Complete digital signage solutions allow you to bring workouts to life while incorporating interactivity which enhances your classes.

Education Digital SignageEducation

Enhance the learning experience for students through interactive classes. Engage your students by promoting events, presenting timely information, and presentations.

Corporate Digital SignageCorporate

Improve team collaboration, engagement, and alignment. Ensure everyone has access to news, company stats, industry insights, and more.

Retail Digital SignageRetail

Attract customers, upsell, influence their purchasing decisions, and increase retention rates with a better customer experience.

Galleries + Museums Digital SignageGalleries

Learn more about your audience, elevate your guests’ experience, exceed their expectations, and even monetise your screens.

Medical Digital SignageMedical

Use innovative technology to improve patient experiences and support your staff. Maximise your workplace efficiency and reduce clutter.

Transportation Digital SignageTransportation

Implement digital signage solutions at transport hubs such as train stations, bus ports, airports, ferry terminals, and more.

Government Digital SignageGovernment

Improve communication, both internally as well as with the public. Increase efficiency with less public-facing staff and go paperless with kiosks and digital signs.

 We Take Care of It All for You 

 As experts in all forms of digital signage, we’re here to support you throughout your entire journey. We can get you set up by procuring your displays, managing installation and taking care of your content design, then we can continue to offer ongoing support for maintenance, servicing and technical issues.

If you want to learn more about what we could do for you or discuss your idea for your outdoor digital signage project, get in contact with us today.

Our solutions are made possible with our trusted partners