Digital Signage for Restaurants

Create the ultimate modern dining experience. Transform your café or restaurant by implementing digital menu boards, interactive kiosks and much more.

At Amped Digital, we can devise a strategic digital signage solution that’s customised to your business. We work with small eateries and nationwide franchises, supplying the best products at the best prices through our partner network.


 How to Use Digital Displays for Restaurants

Digital signage is incredibly versatile. There are endless ways to integrate the technology into your venue, both inside and out.

Menu Screens »

Swap out your printed menus and lightboxes for digital menu boards. Bring your dishes to life with vibrant visual content. Quickly and easily update your content from anywhere at any time at the tap of a button.

Promotional Displays »

Take down the posters and put away the blackboards. Use promotional displays to capture attention with dynamic animations. Promote upcoming events, specials of the day, expected wait times and more.

Drive Thru Displays »

Transform your customer experience with a drive thru digital signage. Reduce customer wait times, improve speed of service, increase sales, improve order accuracy and more.

Interactive »

Introduce touch screen displays for self-service ordering and payments. Give your customers a life-like visual of each dish by integrating AR (augmented reality) capabilities into your digital menu.

Outdoor Displays »

Position screens outside your restaurant and attract passers-by into your venue. You could use outdoor displays in your alfresco area to entertain your guests or as menu display boards for you drive-through service.

LED Large Screens »

Get noticed with large LED screens for your indoor or outdoor advertising. These displays are customisable to any shape and size to suit any space and location, energy efficient yet brilliant and eye-catching.

Benefits for Your Fast Food Business

Digital signage can help you stand out from your competition, improve efficiencies and increase your profits. Discover how your business could benefit.

Go Further Than Food

These days, customers expect more than just a good meal. It’s about the service, the venue and the overall experience. Get creative with digital signage and have your customers coming back time and time again.

Greater ROI Opportunities

Switch to digital and cut the costs associated with printing paperwork and replacing lightboxes. Maximise your profits by cleverly using your digital signage to cross-sell and upsell on each order.

Gear Your Content

Digital signage provides complete content control. Automate breakfast menus to disappear after 11am. Schedule happy hour specials. Manage multiple screens with different messages from one, remote location.

Get Stomachs Grumbling

There’s a reason why food imagery is so popular on social media. People eat with their eyes! Tantalise tastebuds long before the first bite. Use emotive visuals that will have your customers craving your food.

 Go Digital with Amped Digital

At Amped Digital, we live and breathe digital signage. We know the technology inside and out and love collaborating with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What sets us apart is our ability to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We deal directly with franchise owners, IT managers, marketing managers and more, consistently exceeding expectations to deliver great results.

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