Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is a long-established quick-service restaurant chain whose Australian chapter began in Penrith, Sydney, in 2003. Their donuts have remained a much-loved favorite of Australian consumers. 

Apart from delivering a better customer experience, the goal of this project was to improve marketing, operational, and cost efficiencies by upgrading the digital menu signage in 30+ Krispy Kreme locations across Australia and New Zealand.


Krispy Kreme required durable, high bright outdoor screens and minimal glare indoor displays ensuring they could be read easily. Their existing digital signage suffered a lot of downtime and a lack of user-friendliness. The new displays would need to be reliable, easier to use, and future-proof. Krispy Kreme also needed a cloud-based global solution that can be centrally managed so they can fully control their content in-house. 

Krispy Kreme was spending a lot of time and money looking after their system and their total cost of ownership was extremely high. They were looking for a solution that was long-term, something that looked great in-store but was also reliable and fit the purpose of their marketing team.– Dylan Holtzhausen, Amped Digital.

The Samsung team needed to work closely with Amped Digital, supporting them with fast and accurate logistics to help facilitate a quick rollout of their bespoke screen housing system.

Our Solution

Krispy Kreme revamped their indoor menu board display system and several of their outdoor drive-through displays with Samsung QMR and OHF series screens: creating a seamless, modern experience for managers, franchise owners, and customers. The key to this was their integration with the content management software run directly on their built-in Tizen media player. With no need for an external media player, costs per screen and site were kept to a minimum, whilst ongoing quality and reliability were assured.

The big win for this project is the system on chip capability in the Samsung displays. It’s created a digital platform where our marketing team controls the content and makes updates whenever they need to. The other thing that made us choose Samsung was our familiarity with their products – we have similar technology in all our meeting rooms – and it was recommended by our supplier.– Jason Fraser, Senior IT Manager at KK. 

The Result

The Samsung Pro Display with embedded System-on-Chip solution has given Krispy Kreme digital menus that deliver what their business needs: The freedom to easily make instant updates and schedule alternate menus at specific times. It has reduced downtime and operational costs, lessened failure points, and taken Krispy Kreme’s customer experience to a new level.

With the new drive-through displays we’re testing, the creative content is so much more engaging, it really looks like there is steam coming off the coffee. The Samsung product has been great, especially with the new system-on chip technology that’s really reduced our capital expenditure on equipment.
– Jason Fraser, Senior IT Manager at KK.

The displays are engaging and easily legible day and night. Samsung’s simple functionality, cost efficiency and superior display quality have made such a positive impact for store managers and customers alike, Krispy Kreme has committed to fitting Samsung screens in all their drive-throughs.

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