Window Digital Signage Display

“Window displays influence purchases around 24% of the time” NPD Group research

Transform your storefront windows into captivating visual experiences that can attract attention and drive foot traffic into your store. 

Window digital displays are a powerful and innovative solution that allows businesses to showcase new products, promotions, seasonal campaigns and more to passers-by and boost brand awareness.


“These guys did an awesome job on our front window screen. Gave honest advice to help stick to budget. It was clear they weren’t just trying to make a sale, but actually deliver a quality fit out.” The Dance Workshop.

Digital window display screens utilise cutting-edge technology to showcase dynamic and engaging content in high-resolution and high-brightness to effectively engage your target audience in any lighting conditions. Ideal for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, real estate agencies and more.

Digital Window Display Solutions

Single-sided digital displays

Our single-sided digital displays are a game-changer when it comes to capturing attention and delivering your message effectively. These sleek and vibrant displays are designed to be floor or ceiling-mounted by the storefront window or any other prominent location, ensuring maximum visibility for your content.


 Dual-sided digital displays

Our dual-sided digital displays take visual communication to the next level by offering captivating content on both sides of the display. With back-to-back screens, you can attract more customers to come into your store and keep them engaged and informed with more targeted ads and promotions once they step inside.


 We’ve Got It All Covered For You 

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When you partner with Amped Digital, you can rest assured that we have your back every step of the way – procurement, installation, content design and ongoing support services. Focus on delivering a remarkable customer experience while we handle the intricacies of your digital signage.

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Enhance Your Storefront with Digital Window Displays

Window digital displays offer a wide range of features that revolutionise how businesses communicate with their audience. From dynamic and engaging content to centralised management and targeted advertising, these displays provide an effective platform to enhance brand visibility, capture attention, and drive customer engagement.

Dynamic Content

Display bright images, animations and videos that grab attention and keep your existing and potential customers engaged. Digital window displays allow you to create captivating visual experiences that tell your brand story, promote products, and convey information.

Superior Visibility

Be seen with high-brightness window displays with high contrast ratio, anti-glare coating and polarised sunglass support for maximum visibility even in direct sunlight. This ensures that your messaging cuts through the clutter and attracts the attention of passers-by any time, day or night.

Streamline Content Management

Update and customise your content with ease based on changing promotions, seasonal campaigns or real time updates. Schedule content in advance with reliable content management systems that seamlessly integrate with your digital window display screens.

Targeted Advertising

Deliver a more effective marketing campaign with targeted advertising based on time, store location and customer demographics. Using the day-parting feature, you can tailor your content to specific audiences and remotely manage your screens to boost engagement and increase effectiveness of your campaigns.

 Recommended Environments 

Retail Digital SignageRetail Stores

Display product images, promotions, seasonal items and sales to attract passers-by, increase foot traffic and drive sales.


Highlight amenities, room options and special offers to entice potential guests and stand out among competitors.

Restaurants Digital SignageRestaurants and Cafes

Utilise digital window display to showcase menus, and daily specials to create a mouth-watering visual experience for potential customers.

Fashion Boutiques

Clothing or any fashion businesses can promote their latest collections, trends and styling ideas to deliver an effective marketing campaign.

Car Dealerships

Showcase the product range that can suit potential customer’s budget, the latest car models, features, sales and car service promotions to attract potential buyers.

Galleries + Museums Digital Signage

Museums and Galleries

Provide a sneak peek of current exhibitions or display images of notable artworks in high brightness screens for superior visibility even in direct sunlight.

Government Digital Signage

Real Estate Agencies

Present the available properties for rent or sale to passers-by in high quality images or videos to generate interest and drive more inquiries.

Entertainment Venues

Strategically position a digital window display in movie theatres, concert halls and other entertainment venues to promote upcoming events, showcase movie trailers or music videos and create excitement to passers-by.

Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions can utilise window displays to promote their services, introduce new products, and communicate important messages such as interest rates, investment opportunities and other additional information.

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