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Provide learning experiences at your school that takes full advantage of the latest technology. Engage your students. Exceed the expectations of parents. Build a strong sense of community and more.

Discover how to use digital signage in your school including interactive whiteboards, smart boards and LED signs with Amped Digital. We devise customised hardware and software solutions for primary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions across Australia.

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 Create an Enhanced Learning Environment with Digital Signs 

Step into the future of education by going beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom and immersing your students in a dynamic, digital learning environment. Digital signs offer a versatile and engaging platform that can be seamlessly integrated into various areas of your school facilities. From digital signage for school assembly areas and gyms to auditoriums, car parks, and outdoor spaces, digital signs have the power to transform these spaces into interactive and educational hubs.

Here are some of the ways and key features digital signage can support your students and staff.

Kiosks »

Interactive kiosks offer an ideal solution for large campuses and school libraries. They serve a multitude of purposes, including providing directions, answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), managing bookings and timetables, and much more. Our team can customise the design of interactive boards & kiosks to suit your specific needs and ensure seamless installation in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Promotional Displays »

Enhance communication with students, parents, and staff using digital signs that efficiently disseminate vital information. Keep everyone informed about upcoming events, school timetables, deliver timely news updates, and provide crucial safety information in emergency situations.

Video Walls »

Harness the power of video walls to cultivate a vibrant school culture and foster a sense of unity within your campus. Utilise video wall digital signs to showcase captivating visual content captured across your campus, highlighting noteworthy sporting events, artistic performances, and academic accomplishments. Engage students by involving them in video projects that promote various departments and encourage their active participation in the school’s vibrant tapestry.

Interactive Whiteboards »

Elevate classroom engagement by incorporating interactive whiteboards, enabling dynamic and immersive learning experiences for your students. With interactive whiteboards, teachers can facilitate active participation, connect and monitor student devices, encourage collaboration, and foster a stimulating and interactive learning environment.

LED Digital Signage »

LED signs are an effective and attention-grabbing solution to enhance the learning environment in your school or educational institution. Use LED digital signage as outdoor welcome signs, promote events and highlight announcements.

Cafeteria Menu Boards »

When it comes to keeping students well-fed and informed about their meal options, cafeteria digital menu boards are a valuable asset for any educational institution. Traditional chalkboards or printed menus can be time-consuming to update and may not effectively capture the attention of students. However, with the integration of digital menu displays, you can revolutionise the way you present cafeteria menus and enhance the overall student experience.

Offer an Education With an Edge

Unleash your school’s innovative spirit by harnessing the power of electronic signs in creative and captivating ways. Demonstrate to students, families, and the community that your school is at the forefront of modern learning. From attracting local and international students to streamlining operations, the possibilities for leveraging digital signage are vast, making it a valuable asset for your institution.

Empower Interactive Learning Student Engagement

Integrating interactive technology into digital signage creates a dynamic and participatory learning experience for students. By incorporating interactive elements such as touchscreens, quizzes, polls, and collaborative activities, students become active participants in the learning process. This hands-on approach sparks curiosity, encourages exploration, and promotes critical thinking, making the educational content more engaging and memorable.

Provide Higher Quality Engagement

All students learn differently. Digital signage can allow you to connect and easily tailor teaching material to visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic learners. Provide students with greater opportunities to learn by allowing them to access more resources.

Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

Stand out from the competition and attract prospective students by showcasing your school’s vibrant and dynamic environment through digital signage. Use captivating visuals, videos, and interactive content to highlight your unique educational offerings, extracurricular activities, and student achievements. This not only creates a lasting impression but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a cutting-edge learning experience.

Manage Content With Ease

Allow your staff to operate with efficiency and manage signage content on their computer or mobile device. Quickly and easily update image and video content displayed on your digital signage with our software solutions. Manage all digital signs throughout your campus from one central location and control what is shown on each screen.

Discover the Amped Digital Difference

At our core, we understand the importance of collaboration and client satisfaction when it comes to implementing digital signage solutions in schools and universities. We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure that the digital signage solution we provide aligns perfectly with each organisation’s unique needs and goals.

Our collaborative approach starts from the initial stages of the project. We actively engage with our clients, listening to their requirements, understanding their vision, and sharing our expertise to design a tailored digital signage solution. We believe in sharing knowledge and leveraging the collective experience to create a solution that truly works for their school.

Cost-effectiveness is another aspect we prioritise. We recognise the financial considerations that schools face, and we strive to provide the best possible pricing for digital displays by accessing our extensive partner network. Through these partnerships, we can source high-quality displays and equipment at competitive prices, ensuring that our clients receive the most value for their investment.

Additionally, we also consider the ongoing costs associated with maintenance, content updates, and technical support. Our goal is to minimise these costs, making the digital signage solution sustainable and budget-friendly for the long term.

We’re here for our clients every step of the way.

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