Digital Signage for Education

Provide an educational experience that takes full advantage of the latest technology. Engage your students. Exceed the expectations of parents. Build a strong sense of community and more.

Discover how to use digital signage in your school with Amped Digital. We devise customised solutions for primary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions. Get in touch today and start exploring the possibilities.


 Create a Digital Learning Environment 

Go beyond the classroom and create a learning environment that’s completely immersed in the digital world. Electronic signs can be incorporated into any part of your facilities, including assembly areas, gyms, theatres, car parks and outdoor spaces. Here are some of the ways digital signage can support your students and staff.

Kiosks »

Ideal for large campuses and school libraries. Kiosks can be used to provide directions, answer FAQs, manage bookings, timetables and much more. We can fully customise the design of your kiosk and install it in any indoor or outdoor area.

Promotional Displays »

Improve communication with students, parents and staff by using digital notice boards to effectively distribute important information. Advise upcoming events, deliver news updates or provide safety information during an emergency.

Interactive »

Integrate your electronic signs with various other forms of technology to create interactive experiences for your students. Think touch screens, gamification, social media integration, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and more.

Video Walls »

Foster school culture and unite your community using video walls. Display visual content captured around your campus. Showcase sporting, artistic and academic achievements. Get students involved in video projects and promote different departments.

Offer an Education With an Edge

Be innovative. Use electronic signs in exciting ways and demonstrate that your school is a modern, forward-thinking institution. From attracting local and international students to streamlining operations, there are so many ways that your school could benefit from using digital signage.

Enhance Student Engagement

Today’s younger generations are constantly using technology. Start speaking their language and connect with students on a whole new level. Engage your students and see attitudes, behaviours and academic results head in the right direction.

Provide Higher Quality Education

All students learn differently. Digital signage can allow you to easily tailor teaching material to visual, auditory, reading and kinaesthetic learners. Provide students with greater opportunities to learn by allowing them to access more resources.

Create an Eco-Friendly Campus

Instead of printing posters, brochures, letters and classroom documents, go digital. Reduce the carbon footprint of your campus. Save on unnecessary printing costs and invest the funds back into your school and its infrastructure.

Manage Content With Ease

Allow your staff to operate with efficiency. Quickly and easily update the content displayed on your digital signage. Manage all of the digital notice boards throughout your campus from one central location and control what is shown on each screen.

Discover the Amped Digital Difference

We work closely with our clients on every project we tackle. Our aim is to share our knowledge and collaborate with key personnel to provide a digital signage solution that really works for your organisation.

We’re here for our clients every step of the way. By accessing our partner network, we can provide the best possible pricing on digital displays. After installation, we continue to support our clients by providing training and technical assistance as needed.

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