Founded in 1997, Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry, powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across 40 countries with their cloud-based platform. Signagelive is a multi-award winning, web-based (Cloud) Digital Signage platform that offers considerable benefits over other digital signage software.

Looking to integrate Signagelive technology into your digital signage network? Get in touch with Amped Digital today. By leveraging our partnership with Signagelive, we can supply your business with cost-effective, easy to use solutions. As we specialise in providing end-to-end services, our expert team can manage every aspect of your digital signage.

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 Why You Need Signagelive 

No Upfront Costs

Signagelive is built in the Cloud, so there’s no need to install and maintain expensive servers to run your digital signage network.

Manage Your Network From Anywhere

Using a standard web-browser you can log in to your Signagelive network from anywhere in the world and manage your content and players

Powerful but Easy to Use

Signagelive is really intuitive and simple to use and does not require a degree in Computer Science to manage your network. Customers are up and running in 20 minutes with little or no help.


Signagelive has been developed to make it as easy to run a single player as many thousands, so you can scale your digital signage network as you require.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

A Signagelive player only needs a standard fixed or mobile Internet connection to get up and running, plus all your content is backed up and restored just in case hardware fails.

Free Updates

Signagelive is updated several times a year and all customers automatically receive the latest new features at no extra cost.

Recommended Environments

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At Amped Digital, we work with a wide range of business to create customised digital signage solutions. With a network of partners and contract technicians across Australia and New Zealand, we can provide our services in any metro or regional area. For those who are already familiar with digital signage, we can go ahead and procure Signagelive software for your network. If you’d like to learn more about Signagelive and the world of digital signage, have a chat with our experts.

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