Workplace Digital Signage

Enhance your corporate communications. Integrate digital signage into your workplace and distribute content designed to inform and engage your internal team.

Ideal for large offices, hospitals, government organisations and more, workplace digital signage can transform static messages into dynamic visuals to deliver important messages. It could be something as simple as issuing a reminder. Or as critical as providing safety instructions during an emergency situation.


 Discover the Benefits of Digital Signage 

It’s easy to see why workplace digital signage is becoming more and more popular. Providing a modern alternative to posters and printed materials, digital signage offers a far more convenient and effective way to deliver a wide range of communications.

Content Control

Each time you need to update your content, it’s as simple as tapping a button and making the change. No need to reprint and replace. You can even control multiple displays from one remote location and schedule content to screen at certain times.

Improved Information Recall

Visual content can attract and maintain attention. When you need to remind your team about upcoming events, procedural changes, safety risks and other information, your message is more likely to be retained if it’s showcased on a digital display.

Foster Company Values

Use video content to express your brand and promote your cultural values. By then distributing this content via digital screens throughout your office, you’ll be able to reinforce certain messages and ideas to strengthen your team and boost morale.

Cost-Effective Option

Reprinting A-Frame posters and other collateral can quickly become a costly, inefficient exercise. Every time you need to make even the smallest change, you have to print new materials. There’s no ongoing cost involved with changing digital content.

Unlock the Potential

At Amped Digital, we love collaborating with all sorts of businesses to come up with digital signage solutions. We can take care of every aspect of the process, from sourcing the best displays for the project, to installation, design and ongoing technical support.

There is so much potential in the digital signage space and what can be achieved with this technology. Here are just some of the ways you could use digital signage in your workplace.

• Display and track KPIs
• Provide progress updates on various projects
• Reiterate internal email communications
• Share exciting team news
• Promote upcoming company events
• Celebrate team anniversaries and birthdays
• Provide weather updates on outdoor sites

In public facing areas, you could also use your digital displays to present branded or informative content that is relevant to your end users.

Safety Digital Signage

When an emergency strikes, people need to know what to do and where to go. Safety digital signage makes it much easier to provide clear communication in moments of chaos. Evacuation plans and safety information can be triggered to automatically display in response to a fire or security alarm to help people take appropriate action.

Safety digital signage can play a huge role in any OH&S plan, especially when it comes to large venues with high volume crowds. At Amped Digital, we can provide safety digital signage solutions for a wide range of businesses and workplaces.

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