Get exceptional video quality and sophisticated functionality. BrightSign provides market-leading digital signage media players, cloud networking and CMS solutions for the commercial digital signage industry. BrightSign media players are purpose built for digital signage. With an aluminium enclosure, BrightSign offers a sleek look with efficient front and back port access. It easily integrates with any application and is well-suited to operating inside or outside.

At Amped Digital, we supply BrightSign products to Australian and New Zealand businesses. We can provide complete digital signage services from start to finish, with the capability to handle procurement, installation, content design and ongoing support.

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 Media Players for Every Application 

In recent years, BrightSign has established itself as the global market leader for digital signage media players. Its technology delivers the highest standard of reliability, with a less than 0.2% failure rate, and ultimate longevity with 5 years+ operating life.

Take advantage of the state-of-the-art design, capabilities and quality each product line offers, and choose the features set to match your application in the connected world. Each product line offers increasing levels of video and HTML performance to deliver engaging digital experiences that easily integrate into any application and environment.

Brightsign LS Series

Entry Level

BrightSign’s entry-level, commercial grade media player delivers signature reliability and free cloud-connectivity in an extremely compact form. It packs basic video, HTML and signage features that are perfect for simple applications.

Brightsign HD Series


BrightSign HD is a cloud-based classic, offering mainstream performance for traditional to progressive digital signage in Full HD or standard 4K. From video walls that deliver frame-accurate synchronisation to interactive kiosks and eye catching 4K displays, BrightSign HD is a winning choice.

Brightsign XD Series


Look no further than BrightSign XD for exceptional digital signage on a cloud-based platform that commands attention and includes real time player control. It delivers stunning video in True 4K and advanced HTML performance for eye-catching experiences.

Brightsign XT Series


BrightSign XT is the answer for cloud-connected signage applications that demand unsurpassed performance and state-of-the-art technology. Power flawless experiences that include True 4K HDR video and enterprise HTML performance for any digital signage challenge.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Management

Brightsign offer comprehensive software options for the easy management of your digital signage network. is a new cloud management platform connecting digital signage networks of BrightSign players running BrightSign OS 8 for a total signage solution. The evolution of BrightSign Network, offers an innovative new cloud platform that delivers a secure, scalable service for basic to complex digital signage networks.

All BrightSign players running BrightSign OS8 include a free Control Cloud subscription to For the complete set of network and content management tools, is offered as an affordable annual subscription called Content Cloud. Securely manage one player or thousands – anytime, anywhere.


BrightAuthor:connected is BrightSign’s authoring software application that allows you to easily create, publish and manage digital signage presentations that run flawlessly on BrightSign players. It offers an enhanced and a unifed BrightSign experience with a common user interface, workflow and feature set available for PC, Mac and a Chrome web browser.

BrightAuthor:connected offers an intuitive environment to create impactful presentations while adding the ability to securely connect to enabled players to take advantage of new real-time player controls as well as robust network and content management tools.

 Key Features 

BrightSign Key Features – AutoWall
BrightSign Key Features – BrightBeacon
BrightSign Key Features – BrightPlates
BrightSign Key Features – Digital Sound
BrightSign Key Features – Extended Thermal
BrightSign Key Features – H.265
BrightSign Key Features – HTML5
BrightSign Key Features – Interactivity
BrightSign Key Features – IP Streaming Server
BrightSign Key Features – IP Streaming
BrightSign Key Features – Live Feeds
BrightSign Key Features – Live TV
BrightSign Key Features – Networking
BrightSign Key Features – Power Over Ethernet
BrightSign Key Features – Powerful 4K Video Engine
BrightSign Key Features – Sign Preview
BrightSign Key Features – Video Walls
BrightSign Key Features – Zones

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