System on Chip

System on Chip (SoC) digital signage takes advantage of certain commercial-grade digital signage displays that offer a chip within the screen, allowing you to display content without an external media player. There are pros and cons to both SoC and external media players, but SoC uses considerably less power and costs only a fraction of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). System on Chip technology can be found in most core commercial displays offered by Samsung, LG, and Philips with lead digital signage software supporting this functionality with these screen brands.

A digital signage installation usually requires an external content source such as a PC or media player to be connected to the display with cables. With SoC displays, however, the playback device and its connecting cables are eliminated. Instead, an integrated circuit puts all the typical components of a computer on a single chip, which is embedded inside the display itself. By using commercial displays with SoC, signage network operators can eliminate the hardware cost and complexity of using a separate media player with its related cables and mounting accessories.


 Benefits of System on Chip 

Eradicate the need for external devices and additional costs by using SoC technology. Without an additional media player, initial costs are brought down, installation is simplified, and overall power usage is significantly reduced.

Simple Setup

With no need for an external media player and additional power or cabling, SoC allows all users to set up and deploy content to their screen right out of the box with supported software and hardware platforms.

Supported on Leading Digital Displays

Integrate supported SoC software onto leading displays by Samsung, LG, and Philips and control your commercial display remotely with functions such as remote reboots, screen on/off times, and remote screen snapshots to make sure the latest content deployments are successful.

Manage with Leading Software

SoC displays can be used with leading digital signage software platforms such as Signagelive, allowing users to remotely manage a single display or 1000s with core features and control functionality.

A Solution for Large Scale Rollouts

An ideal out of the box solution for large scale deployments, SoC has been used for multisite national and international rollouts to easily stage and deploy digital signage and ensure quality, reliability, and punctuality.

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