Digital Video Walls

Make an impact. Cut through the clutter and deliver your desired message to your audience. Ideal for use in large spaces and crowded areas, digital video walls can use visual content to effectively engage on a mass scale.

There are endless ways to use electronic walls, from information boards in transport hubs, to live streaming in entertainment venues, and even immersive experiences in museums and galleries. By thinking outside the box, you can use a digital wall to create a dynamic experience that will attract people to your business and get them talking about your brand.

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 Video Walls Explained 

Simply put, digital walls are large displays made up of multiple smaller screens. Each LCD or LED display is fixed to the other to form one, extra-large screen that can be used indoors or outdoors.

One Giant Screen

To create the illusion of one, seamless screen, displays with ultra-thin bezels can be used to make the divisions between each individual screen less noticeable.

Adaptable Shapes

Traditionally, electronic walls form an overall square or rectangular shape, but there are many different geometric and even circular shapes that can be made.

Content Capabilities

You can use video, graphics and animations that stretch across the entire wall, or your content can be segmented across different screens to create a certain effect.

Maximum Visibility

When your content needs to reach many people in a vast open space, a digital wall is likely to work best. It can also be used for large scale, interactive experiences.

Digital Wall Solutions

At Amped Digital, we create innovative digital video wall solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs. We can handle every aspect of the process, from procuring and installing screens, to content creation and ongoing technical support.

With years of experience, our team knows how to optimise digital walls to ensure you get the best results. We select the most suitable displays and strategically position your screens according to the conditions of your space, the required viewing distance and the objectives of your content.

The Amped Digital Difference

We’re genuinely excited by the capabilities of digital walls and enjoy taking a hands-on approach to every project that comes our way. Working with small businesses right through to major brands with multiple locations, we’re all about helping our clients make the most of this technology.

From tapping into our trusted partner network to provide the strongest products at the most competitive prices, to providing after-care support, we make sure our clients are well looked after from start to finish.

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Recommended Environments

Featuring 24/7 operation, high-resolution visuals, low maintenance requirements and a low operational cost, slim bezel electronic video wall technologies are becoming a popular choice for large displays in a variety of settings. We specialise in designing the right video wall solution to suit unique areas, creating impact and engagement while meeting time frames and budgets.

Restaurants Digital SignageRestaurants

Innovative systems for drive-thru services, digital menu boards, and self-ordering kiosks provide fast service and enhance the customer experience.

Gym + Fitness Digital SignageFitness

Complete digital signage solutions allow you to bring workouts to life while incorporating interactivity which enhances your classes.

Education Digital SignageEducation

Enhance the learning experience for students through interactive classes. Engage your students by promoting events, presenting timely information, and presentations.

Corporate Digital SignageCorporate

Improve team collaboration, engagement, and alignment. Ensure everyone has access to news, company stats, industry insights, and more.

Retail Digital SignageRetail

Attract customers, upsell, influence their purchasing decisions, and increase retention rates with a better customer experience.

Galleries + Museums Digital SignageGalleries

Learn more about your audience, elevate your guests’ experience, exceed their expectations, and even monetise your screens.

Medical Digital SignageMedical

Use innovative technology to improve patient experiences and support your staff. Maximise your workplace efficiency and reduce clutter.

Transportation Digital SignageTransportation

Implement digital signage solutions at transport hubs such as train stations, bus ports, airports, ferry terminals, and more.

Government Digital SignageGovernment

Improve communication, both internally as well as with the public. Increase efficiency with less public-facing staff and go paperless with kiosks and digital signs.

Get the Ball Rolling

 Start a conversation with our team today. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know what we could do. If you like what you hear, we can progress to providing you with a customised quote or proposal, depending on the scale of your project.

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