Transportation & Bus Digital Signage

Provide seamless public transport services. Integrate digital signage into train stations, bus ports, airports, ferry terminals, and more. Distribute important communications throughout vast spaces, deliver targeted promotional messages and offer passengers sources of entertainment.

At Amped Digital, we design and implement effective digital signage networks for transport hubs across Australia and New Zealand. As we understand the importance of communication in the transport industry, we also provide tailored technical support and maintenance plans.

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 How to Use Digital Signage in Public Transport 

Give your passengers a positive impression. Provide modern transportation services enhanced with digital signage. Discover how digital displays could be incorporated into transport hubs.

Promotional Displays »

Circulate live timetables, service updates and other special notices via digital screens. Automatically display safety information when a fire or security alarm is triggered. Swap paper menus and lightboxes for digital menu boards across food services

Kiosks and Interactive »

Enable travellers to navigate your facilities. Provide wayfinding kiosks with directions, general information and answers to FAQs. Allow self-service check-in, seat selection and payments via touch screens that can be configurated to different languages.

Video Walls »

Passengers will inevitably spend a lot of time waiting around in your facilities. Make their wait more enjoyable. Use large video walls to screen entertaining content such as films, news, sports and more. Distract them from service disruptions and delays.

Outdoor Displays »

Empty walls in transport hubs are prime advertising space. Fill these spaces with digital displays at bus shelters, airport terminals and train station platforms. Allow businesses to promote their offering to the large volume of passing traffic.

Benefit from Bus Digital Signage Solutions

It’s easy to see why digital signage is becoming increasingly popular in the transport industry. From optimising efficiencies to streamlining communication, there is a lot to be gained from using digital solutions.

Return On Investment

Cut back on ongoing printing costs. Replace printed timetables, brochures and posters with digital displays. Use digital signage to generate revenue. Give relevant businesses the opportunity to advertise on digital screens in high impact locations.

Improve Customer Experiences

When travelling to point A to point B, people can easily become tired and short-tempered. Keep them happy. Provide a convenient customer experience with digital technologies. Ensure passengers will return and recommend your services to others.

Distribute Mass Communications

In sprawling transport hubs filled with large crowds, it can be challenging to communicate information and updates. Use digital signage to effectively distribute messages on a mass scale. Maintain order during emergencies. Advise service changes and more.

Effective Content Management

Take complete control of transport communications. Easily update content at the tap of a button. Manage all screens from one, central location. Schedule content in advance. Automate certain messages to appear in response to certain events.

Why Choose Amped Digital

Armed with extensive technical knowledge and years of experience, we know how to deliver a digital signage solution that works. We develop strong, long term relationships with all of our clients and continue to provide assistance long after a project is complete. With customised maintenance and support plans, we can guarantee fast response times should technical issues arise.

Over the years, we’ve developed a strong partner network, allowing us to provide highly competitive pricing on digital displays. By combining our expertise with our hands-on approach, we make the implementation of digital signage a smooth and simple process.

Reach Your Digital Destination

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