Large LED Screens

Integrate LED signage into your business and distribute content easily. The biggest benefit of LED displays is the wide range of activities they can support. LED displays are used by a variety of businesses from small retail outlets to large schools and sports complexes. In addition to being installed on buildings, they can also be used as billboards, incorporated into shopfront designs, and attached to trailers for portable signage.

How to Get Started with LED Signage

 As experts in LED digital signage, we’re here to support you throughout your entire journey. We can get you set up by procuring your displays, managing installation and taking care of your content design and then continue to offer ongoing support for maintenance, servicing and technical issues.

We have so much knowledge to share and can advise you on the best solution for your business. Contact us to see what we could do for you.

 Discover the Benefits of LED Signage 

It’s easy to see why LED signage is becoming more and more popular. Providing a modern alternative to posters and printed materials, digital signage offers a far more convenient and effective way to deliver a wide range of communications.

Greater Flexibility

LED Displays are customisable, any shape and size. With custom sizes to suit any location, making LED signage ideal for retail applications. LED can be moulded into any shape you want, cylinder, arch, round, convex, or concave, the limit is your imagination.

Superior Efficiency

This is where LED display signs really set themselves apart from other similar products, like traditional neon signs. Despite producing brighter, more dynamic displays, LED signs require significantly less energy to run.

Outdoor Solution

Outdoor LED signage looks great in all conditions and can even be seen by customers as they are driving by. This helps to maximise the reach of the messaging, capturing more attention and engaging more potential customers.


In addition to being more visually dynamic, LED displays are also brighter. This means they can overpower other signage types, drawing more customer eyes to your messaging – and your business. Best of all, as they use semiconductors to generate light, the displays will not fade over time, making them ideal for the strong Australian sun.

Clients Who Use this Solution

Client – Puma
Client – Scotch College
Client – Migaloo Seafood
Client – Krispy Kreme
Client – Hyperluxe
Client – Harry Perkins
Client – Government of Western Australia
Client – Lotte Duty Free

 What is the best pixel pitch for your business? 

A visual representation of the recommended pixel pitch distance is shown in the animation below.

Optimal Viewing Distance

Solution Brands

Brand – Samsung
Brand – Daktronics
Brand – Barco
Brand – Aurora Signage

 Recommended Environments 

Restaurants Digital SignageRestaurants

Innovative systems for drive-thru services, digital menu boards, and self-ordering kiosks provide fast service and enhance the customer experience.

Gym + Fitness Digital SignageFitness

Complete digital signage solutions allow you to bring workouts to life while incorporating interactivity which enhances your classes.

Education Digital SignageEducation

Enhance the learning experience for students through interactive classes. Engage your students by promoting events, and presenting timely information, and presentations.

Corporate Digital SignageCorporate

Improve team collaboration, engagement, and alignment. Ensure everyone has access to news, company stats, industry insights, and more.

Retail Digital SignageRetail

Attract customers, upsell, influence their purchasing decisions, and increase retention rates with a better customer experience.

Galleries + Museums Digital SignageGalleries

Learn more about your audience, elevate your guests’ experience, exceed their expectations, and even monetise your screens.

Medical Digital SignageMedical

Use innovative technology to improve patient experiences and support your staff. Maximise your workplace efficiency and reduce clutter.

Transportation Digital SignageTransportation

Implement digital signage solutions at transport hubs such as train stations, bus ports, airports, ferry terminals, and more.

Government Digital SignageGovernment

Improve communication, both internally as well as with the public. Increase efficiency with less public-facing staff and go paperless with kiosks and digital signs.

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