Retail Digital Signage Solutions

Engage your customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Integrate digital signage into your retail space. Attract customers into your retail store, influence their decisions and encourage them to come back for more.

Collaborate with Amped Digital and explore the possibilities of digital signage. We create customised solutions for retail businesses of all shapes and sizes, from boutique stores to major brands with multiple locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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 Create a Digital Experience in Retail 

Retail has never been more competitive. With online shopping on the rise and new stores popping up all the time, your brand has to go the extra mile to make an impact. Here are just some of the ways you could use retail display screens to give your store an edge.

Promotional Displays »

Deliver high impact messages to customers as they shop. Combine videos, images and animations to promote special offers, loyalty programs and new release products. Direct attention, showcase products in action, provide how-to tutorials and more.

Kiosks »

Use kiosks to bring the perks of online shopping into your real-world store. Enable customers to locate different departments, browse product variations and look up information at their leisure. Digitise the purchasing process with self-service check-outs.

Interactive »

Personalise the shopping experience. Use motion sensors with digital retail screens. Trigger content to play when a customer handles a product or enters a certain space. Incorporate AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and social media integration.

Video Walls »

Make a bold statement. Install a video wall inside your shop, in store-front windows or outside your building. Tempt people into your store and keep them hooked once they enter. Express your brand and advertise your products in an emotive way.

How Your Retail Business Can Benefit

Retail signage displays can add some wow factor to your shop floor, but there is so much more to be gained from using this technology. Take a look at how digital signage could support your business.

Revenue Opportunities

Lower your ongoing costs and maximise your profits. Replace printed posters and materials with digital screens. Reduce shop floor staff. Increase the number of people walking into your store. Cross-sell and upsell with strategic digital content.

Strengthen Your Brand

You’re not just selling your product. You’re selling your brand and the status that comes with it. Use digital displays to surround your shoppers with visual content that expresses the style, energy and personality traits associated with your brand.

Collect Valuable Data

Gain insight into in-store shopper behaviours and make business decisions based on what you learn. Dig deeper into customer demographics, gauge brand perception, identify product preferences, discover what your customers want and more.

Control Your Content

Need to launch a new product or update an existing sales campaign? Easily manage the content across all of your retail display screens from one remote location. Make instant changes, alter messaging from store to store and schedule and automate content.

Complete Retail Digital Signage Solutions

At Amped Digital, we can take care of every aspect of your retail store’s digital signage needs. By leveraging our partner network, we’re able to supply digital displays at the most optimal prices.

Once we have procured your screens, we will strategically identify the most effective placements throughout your store for maximum impact. We have contract technicians across Australia and New Zealand, allowing us to manage the installation in any metro or regional area.

Our in-house designers specialise in creating dynamic content for digital screens, while our technical experts can provide ongoing maintenance and support services to help your team manage your digital signage in the long term.

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