Mad Mex 

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill or simply known as Mad Mex was established in 2006 by Clovis Young who has a love for Mexican food but saw the lack of good restaurants that serve the cuisine. With the aim of providing customers with a home-cooked quality fast meal, made with fresh ingredients, Mad Mex now has over 70 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenges 

Due to the rapidly growing size of the business, making simple changes to the traditional menu boards in all Mad Mex stores was becoming costly and inefficient. Even the smallest changes in the menu board became a challenging exercise as it required Mad Mex to print their content and send it to all stores across Australia and New Zealand. This process caused delays and was not sustainable, especially in the long run.

This prompted Mad Mex to look into digital signage and see what options they have that will suit their business and support their growing network. 

Mad Mex refreshes their content constantly, from showing promotional menu items to making adjustments due to supply challenges. Due to this, Mad Mex required a solution that will enable them to easily manage their content and can show live and engaging content that will attract customers.

Our Solution

Amped Digital provided system-on-chip embedded LG commercial display screens to Mad Mex with Signagelive as their content management system. Signagelive is a reliable cloud-based software that is scalable, requires no upfront cost, and is easy to install and maintain. Signagelive enabled Mad Mex to update and manage their digital signage network remotely and instantly. 

“The best thing about Signagelive is its ability to run offers in specific restaurants, over certain times of the day. Our key trading period is over lunch, so having offers appear that cater to specific target groups, whether that be families, school kids, or workers, it’s created a new opportunity for us,” said Tom Mort the Digital and Partnerships Manager of Mad Mex. 

Through Signagelive’s day-parting feature, Mad Mex can run bespoke offers over certain times of the day and upsell their promotional menu items to their customers. 

The Result

The installation of digital signage screens with Signagelive CMS has given Mad Mex the solution that their business needs. From having to print and send their content to their all stores which took 1-2 days at best, Mad Mex can now easily update, manage and publish their content to their network of digital signage within a couple of minutes. Printing costs were reduced and the restaurant chain is now able to create engaging content for all restaurant-goers and potential customers. Redemption of offers has also increased since the installation of digital signage in Mad Mex stores, another benefit of digital signage that will result in a better return on investment. 

Amped Digital has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire rollout process, Nothing is a hassle for them and they always exceed our expectations. Being in QSR and specifically Mexican, we rely on our menu boards to explain our offering. Whenever we have any questions or challenges at sites, the team is very quick to resolve these. 

Dylan, Benny and the entire Amped Digital team have been great, we’re very grateful to work with them,” – Tom Mort, Digital and Partnerships Manager at Mad Mex.

The project is ongoing as Mad Mex continues to open more stores throughout Australia and New Zealand and is expected to finish by the end of 2022.

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