Harry Perkins Institute

Established in 1998, the Harry Perkins Institute is one of Australia’s leading medical research centres.  With a dedicated team of more than 250 research and trial staff, the organisation tackles some of the biggest health issues that affect the lives of many Australians  – diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and rare genetic disorders (Harry Perkins Institute 2021).


The Harry Perkins Institute needed to replace their existing Content Management System with a more user friendly system that would allow them to utilise the full potential of their digital signage. They wanted to replicate the functionality of the previous system, while reducing time spent by staff maintaining the system.

Our Solution

We worked with the team at the Harry Perkins Institute to implement Signagelive CMS and BrightSign media players, streamlining the roll-out process across their multi-site tenancy. Our range of services for the Harry Perkins Institute includes advising, supply, training content design and strategy.

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