There are a lot of factors that influence the success of a pub or club. From the location and fit out to the staff and general vibe, there’s a lot you need to get right. You also need to find ways to keep your customers coming back, and get them spending more when they do.

Digital signage can help with this, keeping your customers engaged, informed, and – most importantly – entertained. You can use dynamic digital menu signage to promote your latest deals and eye-catching digital displays to advertise your upcoming events. Digital signage also allows you to publicise your social media feeds, share important safety information, and even generate advertising revenue. 

Here we take a closer look at the role digital signage can play in a successful pub or club. As part of this, we will explore the unique advantages digital displays have over other, more traditional signage options. We also share some of the most effective ways we’ve seen digital signage used in pubs and clubs throughout Australia.

The benefits of digital signage

Traditionally, pubs and clubs have used printed signs for most of their customer and staff communications. This is often supported by a small amount of fixed signage, usually identifying key amenities (toilets, ordering areas, etc.). Many venues, pubs especially, also include a classic chalkboard in their fit out, for advertising menus and daily specials.

However, owners and managers are increasingly opting to upgrade at least some of their signage to digital displays. This provides several clear benefits, including:

  • Increasing customer engagement: Digital displays allow you to use vivid imagery, eye-catching videos, and entertaining animation to capture customer attention. This can make your venue both more visible, and more appealing, to potential customers passing by. It can also help keep customers in your venue longer and encourage them to make a return visit.
  • Automating content updates: Where most traditional signage needs to be manually updated, most digital displays can be programmed to change content automatically. This minimises the risk of displaying old content, like information on events that have already happened or promotions that have ended. It also means you can set up an electronic menu that automatically displays the right daily specials and hides unavailable items.
  • Supporting targeted promotions: Most digital signage systems can also be programmed to automatically update the displayed content based on a range of factors. For example, digital menu signage can be set up to automatically switch between lunch and dinner offerings. You can also tailor content based on the day of the week (for daily specials), the time of year (for seasonal content), the weather (e.g. rainy day promotions), or even stock levels (to push oversupplied items).
  • Reducing ongoing costs: While there’s a cost associated with upgrading to digital displays, the cost to run and maintain them is fairly minimal. This is because content updates are easy to plan and manage, and can usually be done for free. Good digital signage hardware is also designed to last, with outdoor options built to withstand all the elements.
  • Providing in-depth insights: Most digital signage systems also offer advanced analytics and, when integrated with other key systems, can produce detailed reporting. This can help you to accurately track the performance of your advertising activities and the return on investment you’re achieving. It can also make it easier to plan and trial promotions, allowing you to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Digital signage strategies for pubs and clubs 

    Simply swapping your traditional signage for digital displays should deliver some benefits. However, getting the most from the technology requires a little creativity, both with your content and your general approach. To give you a little inspiration, some of the most effective uses of digital signage we’ve seen include:

  • Digital menu boards: Dynamic digital menu signage is perfect for enticing customers to sample your food and drink offering. Electronic menus can be automatically updated to reflect the relevant chef specials, daily deals, or happy hour prices. You can also use sumptuous images and videos to really whet appetites and show off your signature dishes or drinks.
  • Promoting the venue’s story: Customers are far more likely to return if they feel connected to your history, your team, and your concept. Digital signage can help with this, sharing information on the background of the business and profiles of key team members. Digital displays can also be used to help create the “look” of your venue and reinforce the overall theme.
  • Sharing social feeds: Digital signage allows you to showcase the latest activity on your social feeds, in almost real time. This is a great way to promote your social media presence and drive your customers to follow you. It also encourages greater interaction, as customers can post while in venue, and see these displayed on the screens.
  • Entertainment screens: In addition to being an effective customer communication channel, digital signage can help supplement your venue’s entertainment system. For example, if your venue is popular with sports fans, they can be used as additional screens during major events. Or, if you host live music, your acts can use them as part of their visual display.
  • Emergency communication channel: As displays can be updated in almost real time, digital signage is ideal for sharing important information during an emergency. Content can also be rolled out across all screens with the click of a button, reducing the risk of confusion and misinformation.
  • Dynamic advertising space: Many of the most successful pubs and clubs supplement their income by selling advertising space within their venue. Digital displays are particularly sought after by advertisers because they are more visible and engaging. They also support a wide range of content types, allowing advertisers to be more creative and ambitious with their marketing materials. 
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