While it may not be the first thing you think about when designing an entertainment venue, signage plays an important role. From helping visitors to find their way around to encouraging return visits, good signage serves a range of purposes. When well designed, it also improves the visitor experience, giving them all the information they need, when they need it.

Digital signage takes this a step further, supporting more dynamic content and a wider range of media types. Here we take a closer look at this, exploring the unique benefits digital signage provides. We also share our advice on how systems for casino digital signage, cinemas, and concerts are best used.

Why digital signage?

Digital signage has a range of unique characteristics that make it the ideal choice for entertainment venues. This includes:

  • Dynamic displays: Where traditional signage is usually static, digital signage allows you to use more vivid imagery and eye catching video and animation. This helps make your content stand out, cutting through the “noise” of a bustling venue.
  • Near-real time updates: Rolling out new content is especially easy with digital signage and can usually be done in just a few clicks. You can also automate content updates, based on a range of pre-set criteria (time and day, stock levels, etc.).
  • Interactivity: More than just pushing out important information and announcements, digital signage allows visitors to truly engage with your content. Systems can be set up with touchscreen and motion sensor functions, for everything from searching and order placement to games and social media tie-ins.

Creative ways to use casino digital signage

In a casino, digital signage fits right in among all the lights, sound, and action. As such, you need to think a little differently to make sure your screens – and your content – stand out. For example, you can:

  • Highlight recent winners: Most casino visitors are there to play their favourite games and, hopefully, land a big win. If they do, casino digital signage can be used to acknowledge their success, with specially created celebratory content. This helps build on the positive experience, encouraging players to come back, while inspiring other visitors to try their luck.
  • Help visitors find what they’re looking for: The layout of a casino can be quite confusing, particularly for those that don’t visit them that often. Casino digital signage can help with this, providing directions to all of the most important amenities (toilets, bars, restaurants, etc.). Digital signage systems can also have an in-built search function, allowing players to quickly find their favourite game or machine.
  • Showcase special player offers: Loyalty programs that earn special rewards for players and other guests are particularly popular with regular visitors to a casino. Digital signage provides an eye catching way to communicate the latest offers and encourage new members to sign up. Content can also be set up to automatically update during time specific promotional periods (e.g. happy hours, member draws, etc.).
  • Promote the venue’s other services: Casinos are much more than just the gaming floor and many visitors will want to get the full experience. Casino digital signage can support this by showcasing the best of what’s on offer beyond the tables and machines. From bars and eateries to cinemas, nightclubs, and theatres, digital signage can help connect visitors with it all.

Getting the most from your cinema digital signage

The rise of streaming services has given people access to all the latest titles, on demand, from the comfort of their own homes. To compete with this convenience, the cinema experience now needs to feel more special and indulgent than ever before. Cinema digital signage can help with this by:

  • Bringing movie posters to life: Previews are one of the best ways to get cinemagoers interested enough in future releases to come back again. But traditionally, static signage meant they could only be shown in the actual cinema, with posters used in foyer areas. However, cinema digital signage overcomes this, allowing you to screen rich, action-packed previews throughout the venue, thus ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Helping reduce perceived wait times: As movies are now available at the press of a button, cinemagoers are much more sensitive to down time. Acknowledging this, cinema digital signage can be used to help keep audiences engaged and entertained while waiting for their screening. For example, you could show previews, promote special partner offers, run movie trivia, or even display your social media feeds.
  • Spotlighting promotions and loyalty programs: Rewarding returning customers is a great way to incentivise cinemagoers to make movie outings a regular treat. And cinema digital signage is the ideal way to promote such loyalty programs, through compelling and captivating content. Digital screens can also be connected to loyalty program databases, allowing members to check their status and access tailored offers.
  • Enabling self-help: Cinema staff often spend a lot of time answering questions and providing directions, particularly during peak periods. Cinema digital signage can help alleviate this by enabling cinemagoers to search for the information they need themselves. This should free up team members to focus on higher value activities and help minimise customer wait times.

Creating unforgettable experiences with concert digital signage

As every successful performer knows, the venue plays a major role in shaping the concertgoer’s experience. A good venue makes the whole thing easy and stress-free, allowing them to fully focus on the artists they love. There are a few ways that concert digital signage can help with this, including:

  • Allowing concertgoers to always see the stage: Concertgoers may put off buying food or drinks if it means that they will miss part of the show. However, strategically placed concert digital signage can help make sure audiences don’t miss a minute of the action. This should reduce reluctance to head to the bar or snack stand, and increase average customer in-venue spending.
  • Extending the stage show: Audiences increasingly expect full productions from their favourite acts, with their set list complemented by a carefully planned light show. Concert digital signage can help with this, further reinforcing the desired feel by providing additional screens to display supporting visuals. When done well, this makes for a more immersive – and generally much more memorable – audience experience.
  • Creating Insta-worthy moments: A great concert is a highly sharable experience, with many audience members actively looking for social media-worthy content. Concert digital signage can help you fulfil this desire, while leveraging audiences to passively promote your venue. For example, displaying your social feeds encourages audiences to post and tag, and video walls provide prime photo opportunities.

Want to discuss this further?

If you’d like more information on how digital signage can be used in your entertainment venue, contact Amped Digital. We’re one of the leaders in entertainment digital signage in Perth and have designed systems for a range of venue types. Whether you run a cinema, theatre, stadium, or casino, we can tailor a solution that suits your needs and budget.