Digital signage Australia-wide is on the rise. If you’re considering how to make the most of your advertising budget and looking into the different available options for business signage, you may want to consider this transformational technology.

Overseas interest in digital signage has surged as well. In Japan, the industry is projected to surpass 102 billion yen (1 billion AUD) by 2024 and in America to reach USD 11.5 billion (16.9 billion AUD) by 2028. Predictions related to digital signage indicate that it will achieve a global compound annual growth rate of 11.2% which shows faster growth rate year on year compared to print or traditional signage.

At Amped Digital, we’ve also seen an increased level of interest in the use of digital signage solutions in Perth to engage new customers, deliver effective marketing messages, and increase sales. But what is it about this technological channel that is fuelling its rising popularity not just in Western Australia but across the world?

What we’ll talk about in this article

Why is digital signage popularity increasing?

1.       Versatility

Digital signage is being adopted by businesses of all sizes, all stages of growth and all industries, which only goes to reflect the versatility in the application that innovative technology like digital displays offer. These digital solutions can be applied in various ways to suit the needs (and budget) of each particular business.

It’s not just about marketing messages or business signage, though this is a popular use of the technology especially in retail which is the leading industry followed by hospitality. The healthcare industry is increasingly using digital signage for important announcement distribution and wayfinding. Similarly, councils, such as the City of Perth and certain suburbs in Sydney, are even trialling digital parking signs.

2. Effectiveness

As a business, your marketing is only as valuable as its return on investment (ROI). Digital signage captures four times the number of views of static displays and has a 47.7% greater effectiveness on brand awareness! Even initially cautious business owners quickly witness the significant improvements in brand visibility, customer interest and – ultimately – sales through digital signage.

3. Affordability

As digital technology has advanced and its energy usage has become more efficient, the cost of this form of signage has come down. More feasible for businesses of all sizes than ever before, this effective marketing tool is no longer exclusively available to large conglomerates.

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4. Dynamic and User-Friendly

Static signage is exactly what it sounds like: Static. By contrast, the dynamic nature of digital signage allows you to create and manage your promotional activity in an easy, user-friendly way to customise the exact message you want to broadcast to your audience via avenues like digital promotional screens or digital menu boards.

5. Infinite Creativity

Traditional printed signage needs to be relatively ‘safe’ to ensure its long term relevance. Digital signage, on the other hand, doesn’t just offer enormous potential in terms of design, space utilisation and size, but even in its ongoing customisability.

6. Technological Advancements

The evolution of digital technology is just beginning. From artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), the ongoing technological developments are unlocking new and previously unheard of opportunities in the realm of digital signage and marketing.

Digital Signage – what does the future hold?

Predicting the future is a fool’s mission, but if recent patterns and developments are anything to go by there are some exciting anticipated trends on the horizon.

·       Customer Interaction – Tabletop ordering in restaurants and bars, integrated gamified engagement, and interactive maps are all real-life examples of how digital signage can be used above and beyond just advertising.

·       Gestures and Voice Control – As technology improves, voice and gesture activated wayfinding, directions and other guidance is only going to get better.

·       Facial Recognition – Personalised displays that recognise past customers, acknowledge loyalty rewards and even track and respond to eye-movement is currently in early stages of use.

·       Social Media Integrations – Our worlds are increasingly online and digital signage will soon start integrating our digital existence with our physical one.

·       AI & Machine Learning – This transformational technology may just about change everything we know about digital signage and its potential for businesses.

Amped Digital – experts in all things digital signage Australia

Digital Signage has proven and will continue to be a game-changer of Perth, Sydney and the wider country’s advertising landscaping. Its proven effectiveness in engaging audiences and driving results in conjunction with the future potential of this technology has well and truly set the stage for its continued upward trajectory in the years ahead.

You might have some ideas how your business can use digital signage or just feel intrigued and inclined to find out more. The Amped Digital team is here to help. We’re more than just experts in digital solutions, we’re passionate about it! We love consulting with our clients to find the pitch perfect signage solution to help them realise their goals.

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