Fremantle Arts Centre presented the internationally renowned artist, Jacobus Capone’s largest work to date – Beating Heart. The exhibit ran from the 24th of July until the 7th of September and explored the human and ecological fragility in an age of increasing anxiety, denial, and isolation. The cinematic work incorporates performance, video, installation, and works on paper. At the centre of the exhibition is Echo & Abyss (2018), Capone’s epic 10-channel video installation, shown in its entirety for the first time. The video installation draws viewers into the vast, frozen landscapes of Sierre in Switzerland and Greenland’s ice sheet. 

Amped Digital has been working with Jacobus Capone since 2017 and have provided him with BrightSign media players for his exhibits including the Beating Heart exhibit. More digital artists have been using media players to showcase their artwork as these tools are capable of automatically playing digital art on loop and sync multi-channel videos without needing any interaction.

Jacobus Capone is a Perth-born contemporary artist who has steadily gained momentum in recent years, with a number of international exhibitions and residencies to his name. Graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Edith Cowan University in 2007, Capone has become one of Western Australia’s most compelling artists. 

“Beating Heart is the largest presentation of Capone’s artwork to date and provides audiences with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the work of one of Western Australia’s most compelling contemporary artists” (Fremantle Arts Centre 2021). 

Read more about the exhibit in Fremantle Arts Centre website.