More and more stores are finding an increase in sales with the help of digital signage. From upselling to improving the customer experience in-store, digital signage has a multitude of benefits that can lead to increased foot traffic in your store and ultimately lead to a boost in sales. Keep on reading to learn 4 ways you can utilize digital signage to grow your revenue. 

 Attract customers into your store 

Before you can make any sale to a customer, you first need to appeal to them, to encourage a potential customer to enter your store. Store owners have started utilising technology to encourage potential customers to visit their store. By implementing outdoor digital signage, window displays, or LED screens to effectively advertise to passersby, and convince them to enter, with the potential to increase sales.

 Promote your sale items 

As a customer, imagine walking into a store and the first thing to capture your attention is a digital display promoting a sale for your favorite chocolate. Purchasing that chocolate becomes incredibly tempting. 

Through digital signage, customers can be made aware of what items in the store are on promotion. It is important that offers and promotions are clearly advertised to your customers to influence their purchasing decisions. Having digital signage in-store enables you to update your customers on the weekly specials quickly. Additionally, you can offer your suppliers additional advertising positions on your digital signage for a small fee, to improve the sales of their products.  

 Upsell to customers 

Upselling not only happens in quick-service restaurants but also in retail stores and scores of other businesses. However, when a store becomes overloaded with customers, staff tend to hastily serve customers, to alleviate the wait time. With digital signage, you can upsell to customers effectively and efficiently. Educate your customers on what products will suit their needs or add complementary products to the items they already plan on purchasing and inform them of the bundles they can purchase in-store to additionally increase your sales.

 Reduce printing costs 

Gone are the days when dull printed promotional materials are used to update customers on the latest products and offerings in-store. With digital signage, customers are entertained with engaging and vibrant content on high-brightness screens, increasing the dwell time of customers and further boosting sales by 1.3%. Save on printing costs from static signage and instantly display and update your ads with digital signage. This will also help improve perceived wait times at the point of sale, providing entertainment to your customers whilst waiting in line.

Digital signage has a number of benefits to assist businesses, from allowing staff to update their content instantly and remotely, to reducing printing costs. Digital signage can aid in expanding your business and increasing your sales in-store by being your virtual salesperson. 

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