How digital menu boards add value

Return on Investment

Traditional printed menus and light boxes are costly to maintain in the long term. Paper menus need to be regularly reprinted, and each time a light box needs to be updated there will always be a price tag attached. By replacing these outdated options with digital display boards, you will be able to quickly and easily modify your menus at will, free of charge.

You can even integrate your electronic menus with touch screen technology to provide a self-check-out ordering system. Not only will this create a more efficient serving process, it will also reduce the number of employees you require, minimising your pay roll expenses.

With the right use of visuals, digital signage can also be used to influence purchasing behaviours of in-store customers, while enticing passing pedestrians and vehicles into your restaurant. There is also greater potential to upsell and cross-sell as your customers engage with your menus. 

Streamline Operations

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a family owned and operated eatery or a national franchise, restaurants of all shapes and sizes can maximise operational efficiencies with digital menu boards.

On top of allowing you to make instant updates to your menus in real-time, you can also schedule content to appear as appropriate. Breakfast menus can be automatically replaced by lunch items, happy hour messages can screen when applicable and much more.

With easy to use cloud software and content management systems, altering your digital menus will be as simple as posting to your Facebook page or updating your website. Plus, if you have multiple restaurants, you’ll be able to manage all of your screens from one remote location. You can modify content across all your sites at the tap of a button, or display location specific content as required.

Improved Customer Experiences

Every aspect of your restaurant can have an impact on your customers. Even the slightest inconvenience can affect their experience and the likelihood of them returning for repeat business. As online reviews and word of mouth can make or break a restaurant, it’s important to ensure you are offering the best possible service.

By implementing touch screen menus, your customers will be able to enjoy smaller queues and shorter waiting times, leading to improved satisfaction levels. Multiple customers will be able to order at once, and with a well-designed menu, their decision-making process can also be fast-tracked. Instead of looking around to find a list of available sauces and sides, the options can be displayed right in front of them.

While the main purpose of your menu display boards will be to showcase your food and drink offerings, the screens can also be used to display varying types of content. From estimated wait times to entertaining videos, promotions and other branded content, you can further engage and communicate with your customers, once again improving their overall experience. 

Influential Visuals

Words can only do so much. While a description of loaded fries with cheese, bacon and sour cream sounds delicious, it’s far more effective to provide customers with a visual. People tend to eat with their eyes, and lifelike imagery combined with dynamic animations will make your dishes far more tempting.

With the right digital design, you can get mouths watering and stomachs grumbling, encouraging meal upgrades, an increase in the number of items per sale and more. You can also take the opportunity to brand all of your digital menu content, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.

Drive Foot Traffic

Influencing customers once they are inside your restaurant is only one part of the equation. You also need to find a way to draw them in to your eatery in the first place.

Digital signage and menu screens can be placed in store front windows, installed on building facades or set up as outdoor billboards. Once again, you can use strong visuals and clever messaging to communicate with passing traffic in a high impact way. Display your specials of the day, new menu items and other promotions to appeal to their appetites and coax them into your business.

Want To Know More?

More and more quick service restaurants may be turning to digital menu boards, but it is still a relatively new technology. If you want to learn more and see how it could be applied to your business, get in touch with the experts at Amped Digital. Our friendly team will be more than happy to take you through the capabilities of digital signage and how you can take advantage of its potential.