San Churro Chocolateria

San Churro Chocolateria is an Australian owned chain of Spanish-inspired chocolate cafes that has captivated the hearts of chocolate lovers worldwide. With a focus on their exquisite churros, the cafes offer crispy and soft fried dough strips dusted with sugar, accompanied by a variety of indulgent dipping sauces. San Churro has an extensive menu of premium quality chocolate-based treats, including hot chocolate, milkshakes, ice cream, and desserts. 

The Challenges

San Churro faced several challenges with their mix of static signage and digital menu boards, prompting them to make the decision to fully invest in digital menu board solutions for all their stores. The use of static signage proved to be difficult and time-consuming to update, resulting in delays and inconsistencies across locations. The limited space on static signs also restricted their ability to effectively showcase their wide range of menu items and promotions, limiting their opportunities to push promotions and deliver more targeted advertising, affecting their ability to boost sales. Additionally, the whole exercise of updating their stores’ menu whenever required was a costly process and unsustainable practice. These problems pushed San Churro to seek a more dynamic and efficient solution, pushing the brand to invest in digital menu boards.

Our Solution

The chocolateria brand turned to Amped Digital to find solutions to their previous challenges with their traditional menu boards. We provided a comprehensive package of solutions including Samsung QMR Display Screens with system-on-chip (SoC) technology, Signagelive CMS and Vogels professional-grade brackets for a durable and reliable mounting option. 

The Samsung QMR Display Screens offered advanced features and high-quality visuals, enabling San Churro to create engaging and vibrant digital menu boards. The built-in SoC technology eliminated the need for external media players, simplifying the installation process and reducing potential failure points. The Signagelive CMS allowed for centralised content management, enabling San Churro to easily update and schedule menu items, prices, and promotions in real-time across all their stores.

The Result

The transition to digital signage solutions allowed for vibrant and engaging digital menu boards, enhancing the overall customer experience. It also provided San Churro more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell high margin items to boost profits. With the Signagelive CMS, San Churro gained centralised control over content management, enabling real-time updates and scheduling across all their stores. 

These advancements led to increased operational efficiency, eliminated printing costs and provided a more sustainable solution for the brand. San Churro now have the flexibility to showcase their wide range of menu items and promotions effectively. The seamless integration of Amped Digital’s solutions revolutionised San Churro’s signage, providing a more dynamic, efficient, and visually captivating experience for their customers.

“Professionalism and expertise that was hard to ignore”

From the very beginning, Amped Digital displayed a level of professionalism and expertise that was hard to ignore. They took the time to understand my specific needs and requirements, offering valuable suggestions to optimise the placement of the TV screens. Their technical knowledge was evident by the innovative solutions they presented for particularly complicated stores. Coupled with competitive pricing and their approachable demeanour, the national rollout of screen installations has been stress-free.

The installations have been executed to a high standard. Every screen was positioned accurately and securely mounted. I have noticed first-hand the trouble the technicians take to do a clean and thorough job.

On top of their quality installations, the post-sales service has been second to none. They trained us on how to use the content management system effectively. Their support team is very quick to respond to issues, which is important as the digital menu screens are one of the most noticeable facets at our stores. Over the last couple of years, the usage of the screens has become more sophisticated and Amped Digital has held our hand throughout the journey, which we are very grateful for.

Easwaran Arnold, Head of IT at San Churro

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