Digital signage is enabling and ushering in a future of shopping experiences. With the rise of online shopping, many industry pundits lamented the impending destruction of traditional shopping centres, shops and experiences. This has proven not to be the case for many reasons.

The potential and opportunities electronic signage has in store (pun intended) is paving the way for an exciting future of innovative, personalised shopping, and an ultimate retail experience.

Westfield’s shift towards and embrace of digital signage has cemented it as a leading shopping centre chain with an eye for new ways to reshape retail.

Westfield’s Digital Move

Westfield shopping centres have wholeheartedly dived into the enormous potential digital signage has presented the retail industry. In addition to replacing much of its own print media and traditional signage with electronic or LED signage solutions, it has also been pushing its stores, retailers and tenants to do the same.

Why are they moving into digital signage?

The retail industry is the largest user of digital signage. The transition from static, unchanging printed signage to dynamic, customisable and current electronic signage is breathing new life into the shopping centre facility and consumer experience.

From brand awareness to active engagement, carefully considered digital signage offers all the professionalism of printed media but with added potential, versatility and effectiveness.

1. Real-time Updates

Sales, promotions, new product lines and other real-time updates are costly and cumbersome to display using printed signage. Digital signs, on the other hand, allow for frequent message updates to suit the target audience or to complement the seasonal marketing strategy in question.

2. Personalised Offers

In addition to being easily updated, dynamic digital signage can show multiple marketing messages on a continuous loop. This allows more personalised offers to be displayed to either one or multiple different target markets. More recent technology is using facial recognition software and social media integration to even customise its display based on the individuals walking past the sign! In other words, digital signage can be used to target specific customers and updated instantaneously accordingly.

3. Environmental Impact

The impact of our economic activity on the environment and world around us is becoming increasingly front of mind. Digital signage offers reduced environmental impact compared to the production and printing of more traditional media and signage.

4. Creative Potential

Printed signage is static and, for it to be cost effective, needs to be used for the long run. This limits some of the creative potential of the medium. With electronic signage, more interactive, eye-catching and creative displays can be tried, optimised and changed as necessary.

5. Cost Effectiveness for Retail

Printed signage is cheaper than most digital solutions initially. For some businesses and industries print media makes more economic sense in that way. However, for the retail industry which has dynamic needs, changing marketing messages, and an inherent requirement to react in an ongoing fashion to changes in market and industry, digital signage will undoubtedly prove to be more cost effective in the medium to long term.

Want to follow Westfield’s example? Amped Digital Can Help

The team here at Amped Digital are passionate about making the most of our digital signage solutions to help our retail clients reach their sales potential. We’ve helped a wide range of retail businesses find the perfect digital solution for their needs.

Example 1: L’Occitane

Working with the L’Occitane stores, we understood their need to promote the latest offerings and sales across an extensive product line of body, face, hair and fragrance products.

As part of our solution we developed and installed a series of video walls and promotional displays. This digital signage replaced the previous static displays and allowed eye-catching, always-relevant content to be displayed at a significantly reduced cost.

Example 2: Perth Airport

It’s not just retailers across shopping centres that are benefitting from the digital signage transition. Working with Perth Airport, our team realised opportunities above and beyond their dynamic, practical signage needs. Our proposed and implemented LED signage solution allowed greater brand awareness of its duty free retail stores and ensured cost-effective, timely promotions of sales and special promotions.

How to get started with your electronic signage solution

Westfield and similarly minded retailers are grabbing the digital signage bull by the horns and riding full speed into the future of shopping experiences. Of course, each and every store has different needs, budgets and preferences when it comes to their signage.

Fortunately, we love finding the perfect solution for every client that walks through our doors. For a no-hassle, no-obligation discussion about what digital signage can achieve for you and your retail business, just call us today on 1300 590 509